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    Default Re: Solid state drives not reliable

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan L. View Post
    In the process of restoring from images I have had a chance to compare the speeds. Frankly the hybrids are surprisingly fast and nearly as fast as the SSDs. The traditional hard drives are extremely slow by comparison to either the the SSDs or the hybrids. If we have any more trouble with the SSDs the hybrids are the way to go, assuming they turn out to be reliable.
    I talked to my SIL yesterday about his SSDs. He said they were all Intel and had no failures, but exactly as you suggested, he said they were only slightly faster than 10,000 rpm hybrid drives. He felt the future was going to be the hybrids just as you said.

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    Default Re: Solid state drives not reliable

    I've been using SSDs for a couple years now in my work machine. No problems. We switched to recover some of the speed lost to encryption software.
    One thing about SSDs, do not defrag them.

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    Default Re: Solid state drives not reliable

    I turned off defrag on the SSDs, and the intel has a "trim" utility that runs automatically once a week. So far so good on the intels. Tried out Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition and had a successful restore. So we now have all 10 computers backing using the new version, to an NAS drive. Right now we have 3 Crucials and 2 Intel SSDs in service, and 3 hybrids. So far 2 Crucial failures, no failures on the 2 Intels (but its only been a couple of months). Both are very fast, but like I say the hybrids are pretty dang fast too.
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