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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Progressive just means that the prescription changes as you go from the top to the bottom of the lens.
    OK I see...makes sense too...but it seems that part of the lens would be wasted in the "progression" ??

    personally I need tri-focals where the middle range is clear on the left and a very minor correction on the right...but I just wear lenses for near sightedness and cheapo readers for fine print etc...
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Progressives do take some time to get used to, but when you finally do they're great. Sounds like your place sold you the sporty good looking small frame ones. The rx area of progressive lenses are only about 30% - 40% of the size of the lens - so yes you need to turn your head to read a whole sentence. Over the years, I keep buying larger and larger lens frames because the rx area is much larger. Always a big fight with wifey - she wants me to get small fashionable frames and I opt for the more practical.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by tcartwri View Post
    Took me a year to get used to my first set. no exaggeration. Walking down stairs was the worst.
    Just like the zoom in, dolly out shot in Hitchcock's Vertigo. I know it well. About a month after getting my progressive I found myself walking the steeply sloped, cobble beach at Cape d'Or, Nova Scotia. Good thing I had the walking stick or I'd have been in real trouble. You have to race the tide when your there.

    New  Glasses----what the heck?-cape-dor-png

    Give it some time and your brain will "rewire" your perception.
    It took me about a year before I could walk down stairs without grabbing for the handrail.
    Otherwise, I like them a lot.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I have progressive glasses too. They do take a bit of getting used to, no doubt.
    The biggest problem (IMHO) is one's eyes are almost constantly moving, even when not "looking". With the changes in prescription in progressive lenses, that can really throw you off a bit.
    You'll get used to them, but it's take a few weeks before you're really used to them.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    N80, welcome to the part of the world that wear glasses.

    Too many variables and lack of knowledge would make my advice erroneous. But the glasses do provide some protection from flying debris. They are also a pain to keep clean.

    On my last visit to the optometrist I was told "you just want to be younger" to my complaints!
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    They are very inexpensive, so you can order a couple of different pairs for the task at hand. Normally, progressives are around $50 with all the bells and whistles, while bi-focals are about $25. You will only need a copy of your prescription to copy the lens info down.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I can't add much to what's been said except to advise everyone to wear appropriate eye protection. I was using a drill press with just my regular progressives. I'd done it many times before with no problems. This time I didn't get away with it and a chip got around the glass and into my eye. It was a few days before I realized what had happened and it had rusted. The chip was over part of the cornea and now I'm usually looking through a cloudy spot when I use my left eye.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I would go back and tell the optometrist the complaint. I think they can check it all out and verify. I am really surprised they gave them to you without coming in and having them fitted. That may change things for you. I have had only one pair in 25 years they had to redo because of glass or plastic problems..

    I would stay with progressives over reading glasses or lined bifocals. At least to me nothing is worse than having a line across your view constantly and I could see it being a pain having to switch glasses very time you turn around. With bifocals, the line will always be obvious. With progressives, your head will move slightly when reading left to right more than a few inches of text but will be natural after a little bit and you will love them.

    Like someone pointed out that the high price was more than likely for the fancy frames. Something else to consider about the frames that I found is the strength and design of them. I had a few pair of glasses with 2 metal pieces called the bridge and all was well. They could take a beating, not on purpose but accidents happen.

    I decided to go with a fancier pair with one piece of metal for the bridge and about 1 year into the ownership I was moving something and it hit my glasses up against the face and it bent. I straightened them out but a month later they just fell apart and couldn't be fixed. The couldn't order new frames of the same model so I had to go with my old glasses for the next year until the insurance would cover it again. The next pair had two pieces for the bridge. If they break now I will have more problems than glasses.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I like my progressives - I'm on set three of them in the past 15 years. I agree with whoever told you to recheck with the optomitrist. My first two sets were spot on and took very little time to get accustomed to. This last set was like looking thru someone else's perscription and really terrible. I went to the optomitrist to have him recheck the glasses (He is not associated with the store that made the glasses), and he found the store had the screwed up the perscription. Once they re-ground the lens all was well.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I had trouble the first couple days... Yes stairs were worst the first 2 days... Actually it took some time to adjust to using the scope on my rifle also...

    The weirdest thing was for a short while I would look at the corners of my laptop and the edges WERE NOT SQUARE!!!!!!! AHHHHH!

    My brain adjusted after about 2 days...

    That was seven or eight years ago.

    Now I have 15 min or so adjusting to new glasses, and no sweat...

    You will survive...

    PS - DO GO IN and have the fitted, one pair REALLY needed it my eye just could not line up to the lens, a tiny tweak and WOWZA all was better....
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