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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I tried progressives,couldn't get used to them,line bifocals were no problem at all.My Doc gave me $90.00 back when I changed back.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    A year ago when I got progressives I order a pair of safety glasses with the same prescription. I did not realize that I was avoiding certain types of tasks and after wearing my new glasses I could actually see mid and close up while working without changing glasses which really helped with my aggravation levels. I can also see the dash board indicators, lol. Vision go figure who would have guessed?
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by N80 View Post
    ... Drugstore readers would no longer correct right eye...
    Only rich people get their glasses at the drug store! Frugal people get their glasses at the dollar store!

    Quote Originally Posted by N80 View Post
    The thing that I could not stand was having readers hanging around my neck, getting tangled up in them, not having them, etc. So I really want these to work.
    For years, my reading glasses were on a lanyard hanging around the neck. The lanyard had super cool Mickey Mouse pins to hold the glasses. However, the lanyard was constantly getting tangled up, and for one job, I would have to remove than lanyard for safety reasons. An all around PITA. Now, when I don't need the reading glasses, I just put them on the top of my head. Not sure which looks better, the Mickey Mouse lanyard or the glasses stuck on my head.

    Not sure I could handle progressive glasses. The doc gave me progressive contacts which did not work well enough for me.

    Getting old, errr, having aged eyes is no fun.


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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Cateract surgery did me more good than any of the glasses I ever had.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    My first pair of prescription glasses I got from the Veteran's Administration. I was ready for them to be cheap and of little use, but when I got them, they were spectacular. I instantly loved them. After almost a year, I noticed some scratches and decided to order some with my numbers from an online source. I went with progressives. When the glasses were delivered, I instantly got that tunnel vision thing; hated them. In a flash of brilliance, I decided to order regular bifocals in a 2-fer deal with I ordered traditional bifocals and they seem to be excellent, but the lenses are not as large and the bifocal area is a bit out of position. They work, but not nearly as good as the free pair from the VA. Go figure! So, I'm gonna beg my VA doctor to set me up with another appointment to check my eyes again and I'll ask the VA if I can pay for a 2nd pair to have as a spare. I'm still wearing my original pair with some minor scratches and the size of the lens and placement of the bifocal section is superb.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Your glasses may be just fine....but consult with your provider anyway...the optometrist can check to be sure all the critical values are correct, but I bet that was done before you left the shop with them...

    I went from bifocals to progressives a long time ago...I have been wearing bifocals since I was 5 years old...and I also had a lot of problems learning how to use them...but after a few weeks, it became second-nature...

    There is a "sweet spot" for every focal length you might ever want to use, from reading your watch to just have to find it...drift from that spot and you lose definition....progressively of course...

    As my eyes age, my marksmanship has not suffered too accomodate the new glasses I did have to re-tune the scopes on my rifles, changed out the leaf rear sight on my SKS pig gun for a peep...and will have to put a peep on my 10/22 as well...those leaf and buckhorn sights are not cutting it now...I can focus on the front sight or the rear...not both...but the hoods on my front sights make a dandy "ring on ring" sight picture when I use a peep...this was more to cater to my old eyes than the glasses....if this is the worst part of being a 50+ shooter, I'll take it...

    Anyway...good luck...
    "...As I get older, I find that any day in which my gratitude exceeds my expectations is a good day..."

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I'll throw in my 2 cents. First off, don't worry about what you paid for them, they correct your sight, its worth it. I switched to progressive lens about 3 years ago, I had single vision before. All the problems they said I would have, walking down stairs, having to move my head etc. None of that bothered me, not even for a minute. For example, I realized if I look down while walking down stairs, its blurry, but its doesn't bother me.

    Two things that do bother me, when working on my tractor or a car and I'm underneath it, I often can't tilt my head the right amount to see what I'm working on. I'm lucky, my vision isn't that bad at that distance so I can take them off and I'm good to go. The other thing is watching TV in bed or a recliner, you are looking through the bottom part of your glasses and it doesn't work.

    I'd say the biggest problem is you went from not wearing glasses to multi vision glasses all at once. So not only are you adjusting to wearing glasses, but multi vision glasses also. I would encourage you to stick with them, I know several people that should be wearing glasses but they don't. They suffer as a result, but don't want to admit it. I got single vision glasses when I was 18. I just remeber walking outside and looking at the grass, I could see blades of grass instead of a sea of green, looking at trees and seeing the individual leaves again. At the time, I thought man, this is great, I should have done this a couple of years ago. Stick with it and I think in the long run you will be happy.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    The first dual vision glasses I got, the optometrist recommended progressive lenses with the guarantee that if I didnt like them or couldnt get used to them after 2 weeks use, to bring them back for exchange with lined bifocals for no charge. Of course the lined bifocals were cheaper also. I couldnt get used to them at ALL. The head movement just to read a book would wear the cartlidge out in your neck from all the movement. I like the lined glasses even with the tri-focals that I use now, I still prefer the lines. I can easily see the transition point and make adjustment. With no line, you still have a fuzzy area between the lens transitions if you focus at the exact point just no line. With the progressive lens to me it was like looking thru a window pane with water running down it, I could never get the right spot without looking like one of those bobble head dolls from the 50's. Glasses should make your vision as natural as possible and having to move your head from side to side to read is no way natural. With my lined tri-focals I can see close up, mid range and far away with out moving my head. Mine are set for 6-12" for bottom, 12-40 or so for midrange and infinite on top and I can transition all without moving my head which is good for me since I only have 3 vertebrae in my neck that actually move, the rest being fused together. I also have pretty good side vision without any fuzzy vision. I will take the lined glasses over the no line or progressive any day.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I am 67 years old. I have worn glasses only when I want to see since I was 12. I have worn progessive lenses for years. Over the years I have progressed (no pun intended) from single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressives. I like progressives the best (other than single vision).

    I find that progressives are particularly good for computer work. I'm retired now. When I was working, MegaCorp provided prescription safety and computer glasses. The computer glasses were bifocals with the near (computer) vision on top and the far vision on bottom. Those things were awful! I never could get them right.

    I get my prescriptions from my ophthalmologist. I have appointments every six months for suspect glaucoma. Doc or a technician will do a quick vision check and doc will do a full prescription if necessary. I buy the glasses online. There are a number of online glasses sellers. These places are MUCH cheaper than the local shops. The main problem with buying online is fitting the frames to your head. The best solution to that problem is to mail an old pair of your glasses that fit plus your new prescription to the online retailer. Otherwise, the retailer website will have instructions and guides for determining your frame size. The online retailer will keep your frame size and prescription on file for you next order.

    Occasionally, I will take the new glasses to my ophthalmologist at my next regularly scheduled appointment. He will verify that they are made to his prescription. So far, so good!

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    When wearing progressives watch out for steps going down. They are not where they appear to be in your peripheral vision. Falling down in public a few times will heighten your awareness of this.

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