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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    One thing you may consider, although at additional cost. I have my regular set of progressives, and a "computer set". With the computer glasses, the distance range is way at the top and the close range uses most of the lens on the way down. Not sure if I'm making sense. It's really nice for computer or reading - you don't have to tip your head back to look down through the lower section of your lens.

    When looking at my computer screen I can look straight at it rather than tip my head back. If you look up from your screen to the TV or out the window or something it's opposite, you actually have to tip your head down to be looking out through the distance part of the lens at the very top.

    It's the same prescription, but the lenses are ground differently. It still means two sets of glasses, but I just couldn't use the normal progressives any more with all the amount of time I spend at the computer. I'd get headaches keeping my head tipped back and looking down.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by N80 View Post
    Progressive just means that the prescription changes as you go from the top to the bottom of the lens. With bifocals there is a line. Far vision above the line, near vision (readers) below the line. No-line bifocals are the same there is just no transition line. With progressives it progressively goes from far vision correction, to mid vision correction to close vision correction. And moving my head and or eyes up and down to accommodate for distance is fairly intuitive and makes sense to me.

    But if I hold my head still and look left or right (at all) the glasses are blurry...not just at the edges but anywhere left or right of dead center. It is like trying to read looking through a tube. I have to move my head left to right as I read or type a sentence. I hope this is not 'normal'.

    I will say this, my wife picked the glasses up for me and they told her I needed to come in so they can fit them. And I will do that. I'm just not sure that that can fix what I'm seeing.
    I think I'd go back in and get "fitted". One thing about the prescription lenses is that they are designed to be an exact distance from your eyeball. They did all kinds of measurements on me before ordering the lenses. I know that I can't put them out on my nose and look over them like i do readers. You have to wear them right up on your face to makes the the distance is correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dodge man
    Two things that do bother me, when working on my tractor or a car and I'm underneath it, I often can't tilt my head the right amount to see what I'm working on. I'm lucky, my vision isn't that bad at that distance so I can take them off and I'm good to go.
    I was looking for bi-focal saftey glasses online once and came across mechanics glasses. They were bi-focals on top as well as the bottom.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I have computer/reading progressives and driving/outdoors progressive glasses. First prescription was great. Different doc second time and the refill was horrible. Went back and they had screwed up the prescription. Still not happy with the glasses so next trip up north I will visit my preferred doc to see what he thinks. I do not notice any side to side using the reading glasses. I have observed the look straight ahead for the distance glasses as peripheral vision is distorted. I have astigmatism plus getting old. First glasses at 48 but needed earlier as the last time I went to a movie house I was complaining about out of focus but it was my eyes. I think I have seen 3 movies on a big screen in the past 10 years.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    ( It's the same prescription, but the lenses are ground differently. It still means two sets of glasses, but I just couldn't use the normal progressives any more with all the amount of time I spend at the computer. I'd get headaches keeping my head tipped back and looking down.)

    There are many different ways to grind the lenses. Some depend on the shape, size and material the lense is made of.

    The distance the bifocal works at can also be changed.

    So; until the lense grinding information is made available and explained properly there may be issues for some folks.

    Note: my knowledge on eye glasses is rather limited despite having worn a pair for at least 60 years.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    I got a new pair after wearing progressives for 15 years or so. The new pair would give me headaches while using the computer after a time. I would change to my old glasses and you could feel the headache begin to go away almost immediately. After jumping back and forth like that for a month or so I just made up my mind to deal with the new glasses. After about 2 more weeks the headaches went away and not all is good with the new progressives. But, I was wondering for a little while.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by JimRB View Post
    I have computer/reading progressives and driving/outdoors progressive glasses.
    I too have 2 pr. of glasses...standard bifocals for everyday use, and computer single vision. The computer ones I can sort of use for driving, watching tv, etc., but not for reading. I've been wearing glasses since I was 8. They suck, but what are you going to do? With my prescription, there's no such thing as "lightweight" lenses, even in polycarbonate.

    As others have noted, for someone to go for decades not needing glasses, no matter what you get will take getting used to. No one's mentioned contacts yet, which were a major adjustment for me. When I first got them my eyes became much more sensitive to sunlight, and sizes, distance/depth perception were thrown waaaay off. My night vision and color perception improved dramatically. I mentioned this to my eye doctor at my follow-up visit, and he told me that given the strength of my prescription, only 85% of the light made it thru the lenses, where with the contacts over 99% did, causing the symptoms I described.
    Once I hit my mid-50s and started to need reading glasses for anything up close, I've gone back to glasses, though I still keep the contacts for outside work, especially in the summer. Sure beats wiping sweat off them every 2-3 minutes!

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Well, I've been in these over two weeks now and I have pretty much gotten used to them. At work I'm back and forth between the computer and exam room so I'm not on it constantly. The narrow field of view is still an issue with the computer and reading. However, having them on constantly (verses off-on with the readers, searching for readers, etc) is great. They are super light and I forget they are there. I do think I'm going to get a pair of dedicated readers for when I want to sit down with a book or the laptop and read for a prolonged period of time.
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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by dmccarty View Post
    Only rich people get their glasses at the drug store! Frugal people get their glasses at the dollar store!

    ...Now, when I don't need the reading glasses, I just put them on the top of my head. Not sure which looks better, the Mickey Mouse lanyard or the glasses stuck on my head.

    Not sure I could handle progressive glasses. The doc gave me progressive contacts which did not work well enough for me.

    Getting old, errr, having aged eyes is no fun.

    Yeah Dan, but you know your REALLY getting old when you can't find your glasses and their on top of your head.. This was pointed out to me last week by my daughter when I "lost" my glasses...
    Doug P

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Was at the eye doctor today to get new glasses and we discussed that very issue. This is the trade off of progressive lenses. Get rid of the line, have to turn your head to read. I too was looking at the basic frame vs the upscale Oakley frame, nice frame for $400.00 titanium frame. Went middle of the road for 200.00 frame and cristal lens, and transition lense for summer sun.

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