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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Been wearing glasses since age 5. Didn't like progressives, never will.

    I've had expensive Georgio Armani's and everything in between. My advice: Don't ever pay more than $10 to $40 for a pair again. Another poster suggested Zenni Optical earlier. I've been buying from them for the last eight years. Here is why:

    Not long ago, I think it was Consumer Reports who did a comparison of prescription accuracy from a number of national eyeglass providers including LensCrafters, Zenni Optical, WalMart and other names that dominate the landscape. Guess who came out on top? Yep, Zenni Optical, with glasses starting at $10 a pair.

    Zenni's are lightweight as well, with memory metal frames that will not break, or shop for plastic if you like. You can peruse their website and select from a wide variety. For an additional two bucks apiece you can order the sunshade clips that fit the frames precisely. I keep a pair on my night stand for reading, another pair there for watching TV. I keep two pairs out in the machine shop and an extra pair in each of my three cars. At ten to twenty bucks each, who cares if I break or lose a pair?

    When you get older your eyes start changing faster. Why spend hundreds to keep updating them when you can lower the cost by several thousand percent? There are some things where it is to our advantage to buy from Asian countries.

    I do not have stock in Zenni. It's just that after 56 years of wearing glasses, I've figured out that most optical companies have some sort of conspiracy/scam going on to keep the prices high and I am no longer forking over my hard earned.

    Edit: Interesting that right after I typed this in, there is a Zenni ad on the right side of this website. Someone is on the ball...
    - Dennis

    Once you see the bandwagon, it's too late.

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    Default Re: New Glasses----what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by phiferpharm View Post
    Yeah Dan, but you know your REALLY getting old when you can't find your glasses and their on top of your head.. This was pointed out to me last week by my daughter when I "lost" my glasses...
    I really should let this go but....

    On my last trip to get new reading glasses I was at the Dollar Store trying on different glasses to see which worked best. I had my old pair of glasses on a lanyard hanging around my neck and my sun glasses were on top of my head. As I was trying on the different glasses, I would set them aside to try a different pair until I found The Pair. I went to buy The Pair, and as I stood there I needed some reading glasses to see what I was doing, so I start doing the "where are my reading glasses" pat down. Pat your head, shirt collar, and as I did this I found two sets of reading glasses that were NOT mine. I had sunglasses on my head, my old reading glasses on a lanyard around my neck, a pair from the store hanging off my collar and another pair on top of my head. I bet he still talks about me.

    The cashier had seen these extra glasses but had not said a word. I think he was going to let me walk out of the store with them. I guess he thought I really needed reading glasses.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Locoweed View Post
    Some people have trouble with progressive lenses & others don't. I love mine, the wife hated the ones she tried.
    Exactly. After I got my first bifocals (progressives) I started reading about how much trouble people had with them. I swear it took me about 30 seconds to get used to mine. The guy that fitted mine at the optometrist said, "look forward, read this, look down, read this, there ya go", I've never looked back.


    I will add my first pair of glasses took getting used to, probably at least a couple of days. They were not bifocals. I imagine the jump from no glasses to progressives is pretty big.

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