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    Default Shed roof not hooked to building

    Thinking of building a tractor - equipment shed that has a shed roof that just goes down a slight hill with not much pitch to the roof. Anyone tried this in the days of building codes? My dad built one over 50 years ago and it worked well.

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    Default Re: Shed roof not hooked to building

    Unless you live in a HOA, I don't think codes have much to do with it.

    In areas where the snow load is high, the amount and size of the roof rafters/joists needed to carry the weight on a low-pitched roof is expensive, compared to trusses with say a 6/12 pitch.

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    Default Re: Shed roof not hooked to building

    My tractor sits in a shed attached to a 35 foot prefab building I use for a workshop. It's got 6" posts at 8 foot spacing with dual 2-by-12's at the top and 2-by-10's as rafters on a 20" spacing. Rafters rest on 2-by-10 bolted to shed every 4 feet. (Was given most of the lumber in a fluke deal) The shed and workshop are on a slight hill with the shed floor about 8 inches below the ground under the shop. The shed roof drops about 4 inches in a 9 foot span and has withstood several snows topping 24 inches without a problem. I did not check any codes before doing it, and don't thing you have to for small ag buildings here in the Valley... Or so the county folks said.

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