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    Default Ankle surgery. I would like to hear your personal experiences. thanks

    Looks like I may be having ankle surgery soon. Basketball injury 25 years ago is finally returning to haunt me. Orthopedist says I need my joint scoped, some bone spurs removed, and my lateral ligaments tightened to correct a instable ankle. I have been doing fine for past 24 years but lately my ankle will swell for no apparent reason and is painful. Also, I can twist it very easily.

    Anyone here had similar issues. I would like to hear about your personal experience with surgery. Did it help? Are you glad you had it done? How was the recovery period? I'm 43 and very active. I don't want this ankle to keep me from elk hunting with my kids when I'm 60. Any and all viewpoints welcomed. thanks

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    Default Re: Ankle surgery. I would like to hear your personal experiences. thanks

    I have never had Ankle Surgery, but I will attempt to relate my situation after having my left leg removed below the knee around three years ago. Please do exactly what the Medical Staff tells You to do. Please don't be in a rush to start walking again. If they prescribe Crutches, put some padding on top of them. This will save you from getting raw spots. Take care and best wishes.
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