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    Default Updated cylinder count

    This has not been discussed in some time... For business, I have acquired a few additional gas power tools. Now, they say Americans use tons more energy than people in other countries. I can not figure this out. I looked in the garage and shed, and only found 18 different internal combustion gas or diesel engines. There were only 35 cylinders combined, for a measily 765HP. That is not that much!

    What do you have? I have:
    Truck 6 cylinder 235hp
    Car 6 cylinder 230hp
    Harley 2 cylinder 85hp
    Harley 2 cylinder 70hp
    Dirt bike 1 cylinder 45hp
    trimmer-1 1 cylinder 1hp
    chain saw-1 1 cylinder 3hp
    chain saw-2 1 cylinder 5hp
    trimmer-2 1 cylinder 1hp
    mover-1 1 cylinder 6hp
    mower-2 1 cylinder 5hp
    Tractor-1 3 cylinder 19hp
    Tractor-2 4 cylinder 22hp
    tiller 1 cylinder 8hp
    chipper 1 cylinder 5hp
    generator 1 cylinder 11hp
    splitter 1 cylinder 16hp

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    Gee Robert, I've been trying to get rid of some of my extras to save on energy! So I'm down to this list! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] I don't know the HP so I'm not going to guess.

    1. 6 cars = 36 cyl.
    2. Zamboni = 4 cyl.
    3. tractor = 4 cyl.
    4. GT = 2 cyl.
    5. 2 chain saws = 2 cyl.
    6. 2 mini bikes = 2 cyl.
    7. String trimmer = 1 cyl.
    8. Chipper = 1 cyl.
    9. Genset = 1 cyl.
    10. 2 push mowers = 2 cyl.
    11. Snow blower = 1 cyl.
    Total is only 56 cyl., [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] BOY, I better go find that UNIMOG I've been wanting! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    Lets see now....

    SUV 8 cylinder
    Pickup 6 cylinder
    Car 6 cylinder
    Car 6 cylinder
    ATV 1 cylinder
    ATV 1 cylinder
    JD 3 cylinder
    NAA 4 cylinder
    JD 2 cylinder

    Powered yard equipment,
    mowers, tillers, chain saws, blowers,
    power washers, generator, etc.
    15 total

    So I have 52, wasn't there a post going at one time that said you should have one cylinder for each year of your age...

    I will be 53 years old this summer, guess I had better go buy another new toy to keep the counts even.

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    Yes, I believe that post was about a year ago...

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    Yeah that was done a while back. Here is the thread Cylinders


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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    OK, had to stroll the shed to be sure I didn't miss any.

    F-350, Excursion, PT Cruiser, Corvette, Grand Prix: 34
    2 Kubotas: 6
    Miscellaneous single cylinders (movers, chipper,
    chain saws, washers, power rake, etc.): 13

    Total (unless I forgot something): 53

    Total horsepower, give or take a few: 1375

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    How does one rate the no. of cylinders on his four bicycles and the canoe paddles and scythe?


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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    91 Toy PU, 4 sparkplugs, 115hp
    00 Toy Tundra, 8 sparkplugs, 245hp (prior to mods--current hp, unknown)
    02 Jeep Liberty, 6 sparkplugs, 210hp
    Suzuki '01 650 streetbike, 2 sparkplugs, 75ish hp
    Bultaco '73 125 dirt bike, 1 sparkplug, 28hp (maybe)
    Sthil saw no 1 circa 1980, 1 sparkplug, 3 hp
    Sthil saw no 2, circa 1994 1 sparkplug, 5 hp
    Husky saw, '01, 1 sparkplug, 5 hp
    Lawnboy mower '80, 1 sparkplug, 6 hp
    Echo trimmer, '00, 1 sparkplug, 1 hp
    Ryobi trimmer, '99 1 sparkplug, 1 hp
    Bigwheel B&S, 01, 1 sparkplug, 6 hp
    Lycoming IO360, crated, 8 sparkplugs but only 4 cylinders, 200 plus hp
    Pressure washer B&S, '00 1 sparkplug, 7hp
    kubota BX, 3 glowplugs, 22hp
    Kubota B2410, 3 glowplugs, 24hp

    Total, 43 spark/glowplugs, 943 horsepower

    I too have been in the midst of an equipment reduction program having given away several mowers and a tiller, a generator and a number of other powered bits that occasionally might run [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]. These are only cylinders actually on my premise, I have a couple of antique outboards I have had since childhood, one that ran my pirogue and another from a small hydroplane I built back in the same era stored away in my hanger (aka ???? Antique Aircraft and Lawnmower Repair Inc.) back home and a few assorted small engines that are probably best used as boat anchors and a MG of similar value and a plethora of model aircraft engines.

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    96 Powerstroke, 8cyl
    04 F150, 8cyl, 300hp
    JD4310, 3cyl, 32hp
    Komatsu D20 Dozer, 4cyl, 40hp
    JD Gator, 2cyl, 18hp
    John Deere SST18, 2cyl, 18hp
    Generator, 1cyl, 8hp
    Wheeled trimmer, 1 cyl, 5hp
    Pressure washer, 1cyl, 5.5hp
    Weedeater, 1cyl, hp unknown
    Small tiller, 1cyl, 3hp
    T-MAXX Nitro Radio Control Truck, 1cyl, 1.5hp

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    Default Re: Updated cylinder count

    Cylinder Index (CI) or Spark Plug Index (SPI)? I thought it was the latter. But, here goes:

    2000 F-150, 8
    2003 Infiniti, 6
    1998 Honda, 4
    1948 Ford 8N, 4
    1956 Ford 850, 4
    MTD mower, 2
    2 lawn mowers, 2
    gas edger, 1
    weedeater, 1
    chainsaw, 1
    2000 Sylvan ski boat, 6
    Polaris jetskis (2), 6

    Total CI/SPI = 45

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