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    Default You think you had a bad day?

    In a nutshell. This guy was driving on the Gulf Freeway (I-45 South out of Houston). A very major freeway. He was in a car wreck. It boke his neck. He got out of his car, walked between the car and median (4ft high concrete returns), and fell paralized.

    His wife feared the worse and went looking for him. Drove past him....twice. Never stopping to look at his car. 36 hours after he fell, someone in the back of a passing pickup saw him and called 911.

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    Default Re: You think you had a bad day?

    I saw this yesterday as well.

    During my First Responder training we where told to try to get
    accident victims to go to the hospital to get checked. You never
    knew what could be wrong with them. The story we where told
    was of an accident vicitim who refused to go sit down and wait
    for the amublance. He was walking around and then moved
    his neck. He had broken his neck and when he moved he cut
    his spinal cord.

    I always wondered if this could happen. Guess it can..... Its
    hard to believe that the guy was out there as long as he was
    and lived. He was lucky to be seen.....


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    Default Re: You think you had a bad day?

    Actually, he climbed over the concrete barrier to get away from the traffic and then passed out. A tow truck driver hauled his car away shortly after that, and no one knew he was there on the other side of the barrier. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]

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