Any of you make it to the Steam-O-Rama show in Windsor Pennsylvania?

I went on a spur of the minute decision (was actually heading to the Hardware Store).

There was some really fine old iron there....really wish I'd had my camera.

There were a lot of Olivers.....mostly wheeled machines but three or four tracked tractors too. Some were restored, but most looked like working tractors.

I'd say there were an equivalent number of Deeres as well. Again, some restored, most original.

I hadn't seen so many Farm All's in one place in years, if ever. Most of these were restored.

Also, a bunch of Internationals, Minnesota-Molines (they were BIG!) and a few others I'd never heard of (CO-OP or Cockshutt brands?).

Most of these machines were 40's and 50's vintage with a few older and a few newer.

There were also about a dozen steam tractors. Boy, I was surprised how smelly they were! No idea of the vintage of these traction machines, but I'd say none newer then the 1900's.

There were garden tractor pulls and other activities. All they needed were a couple ol' boys plucking banjoes and it would have been perfect.

It was an enjoyable Fall afternoon. I hope some of you old iron buffs made it there.