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    Default You Know You Have Lived in the Phillippines when

    1. You are freezing and its 75 degrees outside.

    2. It doesn't bother you to walk into a McDonalds with a PC with a loaded gun at the door.

    3. You think a hot water facuet is a decuration.

    4. A luxuery hotel is one with a toilet seat.

    5. A super highway is a two laner.

    6. Someone mentions the President an you think of GMA.

    7. What's a bath tub.

    8. Stateside beer taste strange.

    9. You would rather eat rice than pototoes.

    10.Good shower shoes are for special occasions.

    11. I could go on... and on...

    red tractor
    blue tractor
    green tractor
    orange tractor
    too many impliments to list

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    Default Re: You Know You Have Lived in the Phillippines when

    With the exceptions of Singapore and KL that list fits many places in SE Asia. Baguio is still my favorite place in the Phillippines!

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    Default Re: You Know You Have Lived in the Phillippines when

    I lived in Jakarta Indonesia from Dec 86 to Mar 88 and loved it. I've been to quite a few Asian countries, but never made it to PI. It was on my list, but it just never happened. San Miguel was always one of my favorite beers too!!!

    Some things I miss, but mostly it's good to be back!!


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    Default Re: You Know You Have Lived in the Phillippines when

    Most all those things you said in the original post applies to all those countries in that neck of the woods. In those countries, the only way to explain it is, if you are an American, they treat you like a rock star.

    I spent some time in the P.I., mostly Manila. I can still here those girls saying "puckie suckie". I'm lmao right now.

    Indonesia was cool, spent a week in Surabaya back in August 1999. Awesome! I remember a girl telling me that the average wages per year was around $600.00. They must have thought I was rich, I was buying everyone drinks at our hotel bar (Shangri-La) tab at the end of the night was like 80-100 bucks. Cheap. Rooms were 60.00 a night and the hotel is international 5 star. Unreal...

    My all-time favorite is Thailand. Pattaya Beach is an absolute hoot and adult playground. Our hotel had a bar in the middle of the pool. Same comment from the P.I. applies here, only worse I think. I smuggled back some Mekong whiskey, rot gut but there's a novelty to drinking it. It'll make you take back stuff you didn't steal.

    All in all, I've hit 32 countries...those 3 were my favorite for partying in that area.

    As far as Europe and surrounding areas, Iceland (Reykjavik) was a blast. A few of us hung out and drank at the Hard Rock Cafe there, tab was 1200.00 (U.S. Dollar) when we were leaving. At the time, it took 1.75 to make one Icelandic Kronur. Exchange rate was pitiful.

    Benidorm Spain was fun as was Palma de Mallorca, but don't even think about going out until around midnight. They don't come out until late, then party all night until the sun comes up.

    Ahhh the memories of my youth!

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