Since 8:28 Thursday night, I've been making electricity out of gasoline, thanks to the brilliance of Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. I told them 40 years ago not to build the line where their brilliant engineer wanted it. He was sure white pines didn't grow out as they grew up. Well, he put the line where he wanted it.
1991 Ice Storm came, and the pines knitted the primary into a sweater, but the engineer knew better, they wouldn't grow out any farther.
In the 90s, this brilliant company sold it's generator plants to a new company, oddly partly owned by the President of RG&E.
This same brilliant group of managers also reduced the work force by eliminating line crews and replacing people with computers. They were so proud they even held an open house to show the community their new operations center.
To save the ratepayers money, they even went out and found a low priced company to trim trees along their right of way, NULCO. Well, they got exactly what they paid for there.
Last summer, one of the trees NULCO didn't trim fell onto a line on the property and took out a pole. RG&E got to replace the pole and put the lines back up. Makes a lot of economic sense to me.
Thursady night, a pine limb fell on top of the primarys again, and I called the Automated Customer Service System. 5 hours later, the Scout truck arrived, just to make sure I didn't have power. Must be a lot of people are confused on that.
The Scout had to call for NULCO to come out and remove the limb, new company policy. Nulco arrived at 3 am, 2 bucket trucks and 6 men. I man with 1 pushup pole pulled the limb off the wire. Nulco then phoned RG&E to send a truck to replace the fuses that blew when the limb fell on the wires.
Since then, the computerized dispatch system has lost the job twice, and I've listened to the Ebonics explanation from "customer service" splanin to me how da sistum wurks. Da dispachrs don talk ta nobody, an jus cuz da systum sez da job's bin spachd only meens da putr sent da job ta da truks. Wen da crew aksesus da job frum da truk dey go du da job an den type it in der putr an da dispachr notifys "customer Service" da job be dun.
Oddly, "customer Service" cannot connect me to either a dispatcher, or a supervisor.
Tonight's message from the automated system " No service has been performed at that location in the last 24 hours", leaves me wondering if they think I don't know that.
Gee, I'm so glad RG&E is now part of the Eastern Group of companys. Maybe they will do me a favor and put the fuses in tomorrow, or at least send gas for the generator.