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    Default troybuilt reverse question?

    Hello all!:
    I put the proper size muffler on my horse model and adjusted the reverse and it does go into reverse just fine but there is a low pitched meshing sound of gears not quite syncing is that how they sound when they go into reverse as I have never owned a troybuilt horse before and am not familiar as to how they normally sound in use it tills just fine and runs just fine reverse is real strong I can,t hold it back from traveling backward and I don,t have to force the shifter upwards for it to go into reverse unfortunately I,am a retired appliance service tech and just a little bit to fussy for my own good but I,am afraid of perhaps damaging it if I continue using it in reverse that way can anyone tell me if it is a normal sounding transmission in reverse? thanks Bill!

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    Default Re: troybuilt reverse question?

    I have had 2 Troy Bilt Horse Models, one older model, and a newer PTO model, plus one little Tuffy CRT, and none of them made any extra sound when engaged in reverse. I suspect as do you that something is not right in the gear train.
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    Default Re: troybuilt reverse question?

    Just to be clear, do you have the horse model or the econo-horse model?

    My horse doesn't make any more noise in reverse than in forward. On the horse, you lift a center lever to go in reverse. Does yours look like this one?

    I used to have a Troy Bilt junior that had a different belt arrangement from the horse. Based on the pictures I've seen of the econo horse unit, the econo horse uses a belt drive that is somewhat similar to the junior. The junior I used to have always had a higher pitch sound in reverse that was louder than the forward gear, and there was nothing wrong with it. I guess it was something inherent to the design.

    On the econo horse I'm thinking about, the forward and reverse controls are on the handlebars and it uses a different belt drive than on the horse..

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    Default Re: troybuilt reverse question?

    I have the horse model and yes that picture is pretty much my machine save the tire tread and I have the snow/dozer blade mount bar guard Bill P.S. note it makes no unusual sound when in foward gear!
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    Default Re: troybuilt reverse question?

    My experience with the horse is like TJC1989 described--no unusual extra noise in reverse.

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