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    Default troybuilt horse tine question?

    Hello all!:
    Well made my first blunder with my adjusted the belts cause they slipped every time I hit a root or glanced off of a submerged rock of hefty size well needless to say the torque after adjustment must have increased x3 coupled with the depth guage being set on the #4 slot third pass around the garden plot after two passes on#2 slot thought I could mow right through with no problems well you probably guessed I mowed through 2 almost new tines which raises the question any one ever weld them and ever have any sucess in them holding up? (note they bkoke at the 2nd. hole from the top) and I will have to redrill the holes to get them round cause to get good penetration its goin to run over into the holes and what type of welder did you use arc or mig? and what type of electrode did you use if you arc welded it? as it wont matter on the mig I only have .35 and .30 fluxcore wire I,am just not sure as I have never welded steel that hard or brittle as this as it broke similar to how cast iron breaks but a bit more jagged after this you can be sure I will only increase the depth one notch at a time and when I hit one of those rocks stop and hand dig them out boy will I be glad when I get all the big stuff out of the plot and put the manure to it then its fairly smooth sailing from there so sure will appreciate any info or advice as to if it can be done effectively sincerely pissed off and feelin stupid Bill!

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    Default Re: troybuilt horse tine question?

    This the best answer I've gotten on your question:

    But then I couldn't find the broken pieces to try it.

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    Default Re: troybuilt horse tine question?

    I am thinking you have aftermarket tines on your Troy-Bilt tiller. I have run over ALL KINDS of nasty crap buried in customer's gardens and NEVER EVER busted a tine. Does each of your tine blades have 3 holes in it? If yes, it's aftermarket and although cheaper, not as good a quality.
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