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    Ariens Rocket VII Tiller

    Default Tines for Ariens Rocket VII Tiller


    My Ariens Tiller runs great, but the tines have worn to a knife edge. I checked prices on factory replacements and it runs about $500, plus shipping. This tiller has the tines mounted as an assembly consisting of inner and outer tines, which are mounted to a hub, as opposed to individual tines that bolt on to a flange attached to an assembly. Has anyone adapted the individual tines to bolt to the tine assemblies? It looks like maybe two holes could be drilled through each old tine close to the hub, with the old tine cut off beyond the outer bolt hole. It looks like a drill press and plasma cutter would be nice to have, but it looks like I may have to do it the hard way, with a hand drill and a sawzall.

    Any thoughts on what to do?

    Dr. Seth Anderson
    Moon, VATines for Ariens Rocket VII Tiller-2013-03-27-13-50-aTines for Ariens Rocket VII Tiller-2013-03-27-13-50-a

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    Default Re: Tines for Ariens Rocket VII Tiller

    Hi one sugestion have a professional weld build the edge back up with high carbon weling rod and grind it back down for a durable edge just a thought good luck 12027boatman

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