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    Default Do you have a good well man?

    If you live in the country, I'm sure you realize that one of your best friends should be your well man.

    Last night at about 10:30 my wife asked me if I would move her car into her regular parking place. She had parked back by the barn when she came in from school because the cleaning lady was in her space.

    Well, I apparently had a severe brain cramp, because instead of putting the car in the regular space, I attempted to park about 10 feet to the left. You guessed it, that is where the well-head comes out of the ground. We have said for four years, since the well was drilled, that we needed to put something there to keep people from running over it. I heard it snap as the rear differential on the Tahoe dragged over it. As stupid as I was, it took me about 30 seconds to figure out what it was. It was one of those "OH, SHUCKS" moments. Something like that. I could hear the water running out of the snapped-off pvc down in the hole. It turned on when the pressure switch went to zero. I pulled the breaker to stop the pump.

    We all loaded up and went to the "town house" (ten miles) because my wife and daughter said they just had to have a shower before they went to school this morning. I figured if I missed a shower, it would just make the students keep their distance better.

    My well man and his father have drilled wells and kept them up for us going on fifty years now. His daughter teaches with my daughter, so I went over to their school and got her to call her father. This was at about 8:00. I told her to tell him that some idiot had run over my well. At about 9:45 she came by my room and said her father had called and said, "Tell the idiot he has water now." Luckily the wires running to the submersible pump had kept the whole column from dropping down into the 500 foot plus hole. Anyhow, that is what I call service.

    I keep my well guy in fresh vegetables during the summer. This year, I think a small Christmas present might be in order. Probably a bottle of his favorite spirits.

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    Default Re: Do you have a good well man?

    It sure is nice to have freinds

    Course I love the Line, "tell the idiot he has water now"

    Somehow, I think I have heard the same thing in slightly varying situations.

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    Default Re: Do you have a good well man?

    I wish I had a good one. I can't get the old one out here for nothing anymore. We've been trying to get an estimate for months on the turbine pump out in th efield to be pulled and replaced with a big subpump and he can't even find the time to do that.

    I had to fix my other well a few times by myself now because of him.

    You know what the really screwy thing is when I call another well company they are afraid to step on anothers toes. They know who does what area and tell me to call the one that won't come out. I guess I'm going to have to speak a little more clear next time I call one.
    I'm a West Texas rancher trying to make it look like home back in Tennessee. It's getting there.

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