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    Default Bison Hand Water Pump

    We just got our power back after losing power for 5 days after an ice storm. We have a portable generator, but I wasn't able to get my well pump on the generator. After losing power 2 winters ago, I changed the wiring on my well pump, so that I could hook it up to the generator, but I still had problems with it. I never want to be in that situation again. I had to haul water from our creek for our goats and sheep. It was almost a full time job for 5 days, and it wasn't fun.

    After doing some google searching, my wife found Bison Hand Water Pumps that can even be used on a deep well (ours is about 120 feet deep). It goes over your well casing, and doesn't require your electric well pump to be removed. It ain't cheap, but it seems like it could be a good backup.

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these, or something similar?

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    Default Re: Bison Hand Water Pump

    I know them from Czech, not Bison of course Pumps but the design is universal and they are a typical part of most wells.

    They work fairly good, there is not much in them to brake. In my parents cabin we had to move the frost drain lover to prevent it from freezing in the winter. With the frost drain closed, the water comes out immediately, with the drain open you have to work the water up.

    Pumping is a good exercise but I would always choose it over carrying water from the creek.


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