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    Default Help name my farm

    The 'help me name my tractor' turned out to be "most excellent" so I want to solicit the group one more time.

    My wife and I have been trying to think of a name for our place for about 10 years and nothing has stuck.

    -10 acres
    -hobby farm
    -have had sheep, goats, pigs, cows, ducks, turkeys, chickens, pheasants, dogs, cats
    -live in Brock Township
    -have meadow, pasture, forest, pond, wetland and an esker crosses the land
    -TONS of flowers, flowering trees all over, gardens, wildflowers in the meadows, we plant lots too
    -TONS of wild birds (we feed them like crazy and it's a major hobby of ours)
    -some wildlife, coyote, bears, grouse, turkey, toads, frogs, ducks, goose, turtles
    -types of trees, poplar, birch, red white scots and austrian pine, some red oaks, maples, cherry, beech, dogwood, alder, cherry, spruce, fir, cedar
    -we love animals and the outdoors
    -I work in the pet industry
    -my last name is Young
    -we have a major, over the top Halloween party every year

    We've tried to come up with a name that has some sort of link to the outdoor features of our place.
    Some ideas we have had so far:
    -Seven Oaks
    -Brock Haven
    -Birder's Haven
    -Doolittle's farm
    -Esker hill
    -Young's hill
    -Halloween hill
    -Les Petite Fleurs (sounds neat but we're not french so makes no sense)
    -Toad Hill Farm (there's lots of toads here)
    -Brock Sky Farm

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    My Grandmother had a country home, not really a farm but she had a sign out front that read "Four Winds"

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    I'm not very clever at naming things, but for some people, like song writers, they just come up with original thoughts all the time. A good friend of mine had a piece of land in a valley, and when the sun came over the hills, he came up with the name "Sun Trap" for his place.

    I like simple names, keep it short and easy. I also think that a good name should reflect a simple, easy to make symbol for your entrance.

    Another good source for really creative, never thought of names, are kids. When you have that party, listen to them, or try to get them to describe the place. They put words together in ways that we, as adults, are taught not to do. When they use their terms, the meaning is clear, but it's a unique way to say it.

    And then their are the old time, pioneers who named places on what they saw. Broken Branch, Deep Gulch, Mountain View, and so on.

    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    MossRoad farm is already taken.

    How 'bout Belly Acres?

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    Folks which lived many decades in your area could offer history,than pick event etc. for name...let history live on.

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    What about "something" ZOO

    or "Seven Oaks Ranch"

    are you on a dead end road, Roads End Farm or Ranch

    Ain't Getting Any YOUNGER Farm

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    Young Oaks...

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    Aw come on; for authenticity's sake you gotta pick your own name!
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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    Coolest name I have seen was just around the corner from me till it changed hands and the name changed. A small horse farm the previous owner called "Relatively Stable". Apparently the new owners don't have a self-directed sense of humor.

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    Default Re: Help name my farm

    I had to look "Esker" up...: An esker is a long winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel, examples of which occur in glaciated and formerly glaciated regions of Europe and North America.

    Hmmm, "Winding Ridge Farm" has a nice ring to it..........

    Buckskin Flats Farm(no, after 2 years I have not found a suitable buckskin quarter horse.....but our 2 Clydesdales are awesome, and no it's not gettin re-named to Clydesdale Flats....(:>) The search continues........
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