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    Default Re: Homebuilt snow sleds?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2manyrocks View Post
    Okay, makes sense to do something to lay on.

    While looking for some ideas to make it steerable, I saw some snow bike conversions and some wild videos. A snow bike actually looks easier to make, but I think it would get somebody hurt.
    I tried one of those too.

    It was one of the earlier versions of a BMX bicycle and I was able to keep control long enough to build up some decent crash momentum, but not long enough so that I couldn't walk away from it (okay, it was a limp, but it was still under my own power).

    I am not trying to shoot down your ideas, but I did try a few of them when I was young and figure that I can relate some first-hand experience and hopefully save someone from some potential harm.

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    Default Re: Homebuilt snow sleds?

    I'd rather be warned here than see anyone end up in the emergency room.

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    Default Re: Homebuilt snow sleds?

    Sledding is an inherently dangerous activity, just like downhill skiing, riding a bicycle, water skiing, etc... so, proceed at your own risk.

    I'm sure plenty of us have had bad crashes on sleds as kids. I know I have. I think the most important thing to do is sled on a clear hill with no trees, fence posts, etc... that can be run into. Hills like that are hard to find, but worth the effort for the pure exhilaration of sledding.

    A couple weeks ago a local man in his 40s wanted to re-live his youth and took his 4 daughters ( 1 high school age and 3 in college) to a local county park where he went as a kid for some sledding. On his first run down the hill he hit a tree and tore some blood vessel in his arm or leg (I can't remember which). It took a long time for the ambulance to get back into the park and get him off the hill. They took him to the hospital where his wife was on duty... the poor guy bled to death internally.

    So, be careful and have fun, but use some common sense.

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    Default Re: Homebuilt snow sleds?

    That is a sad story.

    The plastic sleds really seem to have a number of advantages--lightweight, cheap, rounded edges, not too fast.

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