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    Default Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    I'm looking for some type of electric tomato strainer to process tomatoes for canning. I've got the standard hand crank type juicer, but would like to speed up the process. I've found a couple imported from Italy. It just seems there isn't much to choose from. A Spremy and OMRA model and thats it.
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    Anyone have something like this? How do you like it, and where did you get it?
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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    A quick search on produced this Food Machinery of America model for $502. That's comparable to the similar one in the link you posted, but about $65 cheaper. This one claims to be made in the USA.

    Also... I just found another one for about $60 and an electric motor attachment to replace the handle (another $60). It's the Roma Sauce and Juice Maker and the motor.

    ...and a little more searching found the Roma Electric Model.

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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?


    We process several bushels of tomatoes every year for ourselves and for our families. My experience is that the hand crank ones produce only a thin juice, they clog easily, and can be very difficult to crank.

    We use an electric model that looks like the last one listed on the page you linked to. It's a Reber 0.4 hp: Spremipomodoro Elettrico

    It works very well and I highly recommend it. It separates the seeds and skins almost perfectly and produces a nice, thick puree. A bushel of meaty Roma-style tomatoes will produce 12, one-quart jars (a case) of puree.

    I bought mine at a local Italian specialty store. Meat grinder and cheese grater attachments are also available for it. It costs a few bucks, but it's a great machine and well worth the money, in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    I have one like the 200 in the first link, I just take the crank handle off and chuck my Milwaukee Hole Hog to the shaft and run it slow. I didn't like the juice from the original tomato screen so I got one with larger holes and it makes juice with pulp and a few seeds get through. Usually run it through again and get more juice.
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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    I THINK what we did a year or so back was to boil the tomatoes to get the skin off. Then I chopped the tomatoes into chunks that would fit the food processor. After the food processor was done I strained out the seeds and such.

    Hopefully by this weekend I will be doing this again.


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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    try to search in the net, there are a lot of sellers like ebay or amazon for your tomato juicer

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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    try looking at amazon sites, i have just purchased an electric tomato strainer and already tried it this morning. i would say it's the best.

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    Default Re: Electric Tomato Strainer/Juicer?

    Not cheap, but this will even make tomato soup - see the link below.

    Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blender | Williams-Sonoma

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