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    Default Transplanting Norway Spruce

    My wife and I moved to a new house late last year. The house is ~16 years old and the previous owners planted 4 Norway Spruce trees that are now ~30 feet tall. Well, those 4 trees are about 30ft away from the front of the house. They are very nice trees and I don't really want to cut them down. I would like to transplant the trees and relocate them in another location on our property. The trees are too close to the house and something needs to be done with them. I concerned about the roots screwing up my leach field of our septic system and the house foundation along with the concrete sidewalk. Is it reasonable to move 30ft Norway Spruce? Do they transplant well? Does anyone have an idea of cost? I will probably call a couple of tree services but I would like to know if anyone here has any real life experiences to offer me.


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    Default Re: Transplanting Norway Spruce

    I would cut them down and get some seedlings or plantings to put where you want trees. I have a field full of them, and am digging them out (have about a thousand to go). Looked at giving them away, but no one has the tree spade that will handle them.

    I'd guess about $300 per tree to move them. But will be good to check it out.

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    Default Re: Transplanting Norway Spruce

    I doubt you could find a tree spade big enought to move a 30' spruce. I moved ten 12-15' Black Hills Spruce a week ago with an 80" spade and that is about the limit. We also moved around fifteen 6-8' Black Hills Spruce with a 40" truncated spade which is equivalent to a 44" cone spade.

    We have a local tree mover with a 90" spade who might be able to go 20' even with that the survival rate is probably not great. The roots on spruce are more lateral than deep so you are leaving most of the root behind even with the big tree spades.

    I think cutting them down and starting over with some smaller trees is the only option. I would look at some nice 8-10' spruce moved in with the largest mover you can find. Its not cheap but your space won't look as empty and the trees probably will have a good chance at surviving.

    Trees moved even with the big spades still need a lot of care. All gaps need to be filled with soil and watered enough to remove the air pockets. The trees are not very drought hardy and need regular watering for 3-5 years, especially before the ground freezes.

    I've been moving the larger trees like these for many years and havn't lost one yet. But I make sure the air gaps are closed within an hour after the trees are moved. The trees are watered immediately. I figure if I lose a tree its my fault.

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