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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    I normally use gas in hole when I can. On my rental property, its in the city so I cant use open fire. So I dumped half a can of sevin in hole and surrounding. within a couple days all yellow jackets were dead. Doesnt matter if it during day or night since the dust is there for them to crawl/walk on.

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    For years I used the small pop bottle half full of gas/oil mix 2cycle mix. at night or day invert the bottle into the nest & walk away the bottle will seal the hole opening when ya shove it into the hole. leave it set for a good hour the fumes kill everything in the nest. works best late at night but day time works too and will have a LOT of swarming fat bees around the pop bottle I;ll then break out the brush burner for those.. I use spot on flashlight on the opening to blind them as there are still guards at night that can get ya. Last few years I been using a big weed burner to cook them quickly. any that are out foraging for food will pretty much fly right into the flame & get cooked as well. I most often will run it at just a modest wispy flame after a few minutes of high fire frying I lay it down on low flame right over the hole. they dont see ME or the fire as a threat the fire makes them want to get into their nest ASAP and will try & fly right through it.

    The seven dust also works I usually when fire wasnt an option or raw gas that was next step. I use a 3/8" hard plastic line that I drilled and epoxied into the lid of a 1 liter pop bottle (note works real well for getting oil into car rear ends too.) the 3/8" plastic line is pretty heavy and about 10feet long. it is the flexible polypropylene type but I would bet even hard line would work well. I fill up a foot or so of the line (just stuff the line down into the bag/tube) and then squeeze the pop bottle and blow it into the hole opening. this works well for house side walls ect.

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    The best thing I've found, although a slow process, is to put out traps in the early spring. Catch a queen and you've eliminated preemptively a whole colony of thousands of yellow jackets.
    Used to have lots of them at my rarely see even one. It did take a couple of years to knock them down.

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?


    I have used the large whole house foggers for bedbugs and fleas, just hit the valve, lock it down, stick it in the hole and run. about 20 minutes later maybe one or two flying around. I know it's not specifically for bees/wasps but it does the job.

    Although when I was about 12 I was cutting the grass with a push mower when I put my foot in the entrance to a yellow jacket nest, I don't know how I thought of it but I pulled my foot out, spun the mower around super fast and left it running over the hole until it ran out of fuel. Didn't get stung and no more jackets either.

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    I would use Sevin dust ....just place some of it at the entrance of the nest where they have to walk or crawl thew it and in hrs they will be Gone

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    Delta Dust is better than Sevin in this type of application
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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    well they seem to be gone. been raining almost every night so it is hard to know for sure.
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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    I have found a small tactical nuke delivered from a drone works best

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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pilot View Post
    Third approach is to hire a raccoon or skunk to dig up the nest. We have had one working our property pretty well this summer; unfortunately, it didn't get the hornet's nest until the night after I got stung!
    I used this method twice last summer with total effect. The key was making it easier for the skunk (or whatever) to dig it up. In the first, the nest was well concealed until I killed off the weeds around the nest. Wsn't long before the nest provided a couple of meals. Second nest was no more than 2 yards away. This time the little bastards had fortress complete with stone abutments to protect the entrance to their home. One cool night late, I quietly removed a few stones. That nest also provided somebody with a nice meal.

    I'm rather surprised I've not hit more nests where I mow. I guess I"m lucky.
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    Default Re: How to Kill yellow jackets?

    Quote Originally Posted by chucko View Post
    Found them when I was clearing with a bush ax (well they found me)

    I was doing the same thing last mo. They also found me. 1/2 bottle of diesel fuel stuck in the hole. Next day no more YJ
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