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    Default Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking for recent costs of a pole barn.

    I got a couple of quotes from my builder to build a 28'x40' pole barn and he wants 39k. Thats with cement and all labor. ( I think thats overpriced) also no electricity. I plan on running a 100amp service since my uncle is an electrician, he can help us out.

    I looked at a couple of cheaper packages through local lumber yards around 10k plus cement, labor, tax, delivery.

    About to setup a meeting with morton buildings.

    Looking to store my TO-30 and MF1250 with a few attachments. Also my truck when it snows.

    I know the size is more than double of what we currently need, but I dont want to put up another building in 5 years to accommodate more.

    Some things we are looking for:
    1 garage door 8x10
    1 large sliding door
    wood framing not metal
    1 steel human entry door
    2 windows
    1 cupola
    12" overhang on all sides
    Good snow load for upstate ny 16" oc trusses
    cement can be poured after the fact if needed to or even next year

    I know that most barns are all different, but if you can post up what you had put up recently with costs and materials that would be awesome. I did a search and the last morton building pricing was from 06, I am sure prices changed in 5 years.

    Thanks Guys,

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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    Try a place called National Barn, website That 39k price is way high in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    I have had two barns built by Blitz builders. The last one (24'x40') four years ago:

    1) 8'x10' overhead door in the front
    2) Slider door in the rear.
    3) 1 man door.
    4) No windows.
    5) No overhang.
    6) Wood framing.

    $10,000 less the overhead front door. I had the overhead door installed by a door company for $1,000.00.Pole Barns, Post Frame Buildings, Metal Buildings | Blitz Builders
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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    easy to figure the cost of material.
    Call a truss company and get a price for 28' truss at 4' oc you will need 9 trusses and two structural gables.
    160' of 2x12 for the beams and some plywood filler to make the beams
    a post about every 8' or so that is 12 post
    I like 2x purlins on the top at 2' oc and on the bottom at about 8' oc
    that is about 2624 lineal foot age for the purlins (i added 10% for waste here) and add in some for x bracing

    Now all you have to add is the tin (truss co can tell you how long the top chord is) on a 4/12 it should be 16-10 3/8

    now add the slab and sides of the barn if you plan on closing them in and any doors
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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    I put up a 24x40 about 2 years ago.

    It's stick built with a pole foundation.
    2x4 walls 16" oc
    24" oc trusses
    2' overhang front and rear, 1' each side
    10' ceilings
    asphalt shingles
    cement siding with fabricated stone on bottom 4'
    Three 8x10 overhead doors
    1 steel entry door
    5 windows
    100 amp service.

    I had $19,000 in site prep, concrete, and materials.

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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    I built a 30x50x10' pole barn last year. We did all the work except for garage door installation, electrical and concrete. My brother is an excavating contractor, so there was no charge for that work.

    My cost breakdown is as follows;

    All building materials- $10,500-that was for the poles, trusses, metal siding and roofing, 7 windows, and 2 man doors. also a 1' soffit all around.

    Garage doors- $3800 for 1 16x8 and 2 9x8 insulated doors with windows, installed.

    Concrete- $4150 for a 30x50' 5: thick pad poured and finished by a mason.

    Electrical- $1,000 for a 100 amp service with 8 lights and 11 outlets installed by a licensed electrician.

    Site prep- $1500 for 200 tons of gravel.

    Total-$22,000 with no charge for excavating, carpentry, and trucking.

    Good luck.


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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    In our area, the companies triple the materials cost. I am most of the way through building my own 30x60x14 as a result. Lots and lots of money to be saved and pole barns are not rocket science. I'll be at about 15,000$ for the build, tractor has been very helpful.

    I even got spunky and decided to add radiant floor heat to the slab.

    A good engineer will design poles 12 feet apart so that you can use way less trusses and less carpentry.
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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    Two years ago I had a 40 X 50 with a 15' lean-to built. I went with a company called ESH (QSI now I believe). If I remember, my price without the concrete floor was around 22K. I had a sub pour the floor later. I also checked out Morton, Cleary, National Barn, and several others. Morton builds a nice building, but I could not justify the extra cost.

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    Last year I put up a 24x24 pole barn.This year I added a 12x24 addition for the tractor.Everything added up to around 8,000 $ that is with 60 amp service siding and pavers for the floor.
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    Default Re: Recent Pole Barn Cost?

    many of the pole barns or rather "metal buildings" manufacturers. do out of state work. meaning do not limit yourself to just your area alone.

    many of the metal building manufacturers. will also more likely do business with other businesses to setup large buildings for factories, and like.

    different manufacturers can offer different things, such as lighting, insulation, metal vs wood and either using solid beams or manufactured beams. to trusses, etc...

    if you are paying for good amount of labor done. some times it might be easier just to higher one company to become head hancho and sub contract work out for you and you just pay the bills (some times bigger discounts). other times, you may be much better off. contracting different things out and getting bids for each step. (can be a headache, and could cost more depends on how willing ya ready to fuss over calling and setting up times to deal with bids.)

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