Recently installed a ST. Croix multi fuel pellet furnace. Ran good for a day or so then started binding up. Has a clinker cutter in the burn pot that spins once every two hours or when the unit cools down so that you don't have the build up. Discover the shaft was not connected to the cutters. Tech came out and looked at it, got it up and running again and ordered a new blower and shaft motor for the cutter.

Parts arrived and installed, tech had been out couple times to look at it, as I am traveling at the moment so wife is home dealing with the lack of heat. Unit fired up ran for a few hours and back to old MO. Tech out again today but has ordered a new burn pot and mother board. Wife is very displeased and has called my new furnace a POS. She is usually right, but when it's working it keeps the house nice and cozy.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the SCF Revolution multi fuel furnace, manufactured by St. Croix. I would like to keep it but if these issues persist? At least I haven't paid for it yet, but I may be paying for it now with the wife's wraith.