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    Quote Originally Posted by sdkubota View Post
    I have had good luck with brisket but it is much more difficult cook than cooking butt. Slather in rub, place on egg, indirect heat, at 225 degree dome temp and leave for 16 hours or until internal temp gets close to 190 degrees. When you think it is about one, stick a fork into it and twist...if there is lttle resistance it is done if not keep cooking and checking. I also normally cool my brisket down before eating because it will fall apart it is so tender.
    That's basically the way I have done mine, but with inconsistent results. According to Molly Shark (I met her at the Eggfest in OKC) take the briskit off at 190-195, wrap in aluminum foil, then in a beach towel and place in an ice chest until ready to eat. It will stay hot for several hours this way, and probably contributes to the cook time. The good briskits I have cooked were all done this way, so it may be a key ingredient. At this point in my apprenticeship it's all very confusing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2LaneCruzer View Post
    Thanks again. You know this goes against the conventional "wisdom" that seems to permeate the smoked briskit cult, but I'm going to try it. I may modify it slightly to use my own rubb, but I'm enthusiastic. Looked at some Angus briskits today, and they run considerably more than $30; some up in the $50 range. Thank you obama.
    Welcome! Please let me know if this helps your next cook!

    People have to realize at a BBQ contest we dont have 16-20 hours to cook anything and still get it prepped, cooked rested and boxed considering check in is Friday night by 6PM normally and brisket turn is 2:30PM Saturday.

    I have seen plenty of guys do it but in all reality it isn't necessary. What I am telling you is along the lines of contest recipe I always cook the same way at home as I do in a contest so I dont loose the touch.

    I like fajita seasoning in place of rub sometimes or as an additional seasoning layer. ObieQues Texican fajita rub is awesome and I use it a lot gives the meat a different taste.

    BIG beefy flavor is what we are after in brisket plain old salt and black pepper is the 2 very best seasonings and imho really all thats necessary to have a tasty brisket. hth

    edit: just re read your last post and yes your friend gave you a valuable tip its along the same lines as I am saying foil is your friend! I am a huge fan of the procedure it keeps the meat moist tenderizes it with steam and continues to cook IF you want it too. Or like we do when we pull them @ 203 they are tender then and can be sliced properly so we open the foil and quit the cooking. We wrap them in towels and put them in the cooler only if we get done early (it happens!!! ) and need to hold them quite awhile fwtw it does work great btw.

    You want one to fall apart? take it to 210 or so in the foil and let it rest 2 hours w/o tearing the foil there wont be any slicing that meat. Chop it and mix some BBQ and make samichs lots and lots of them! good luck
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