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    Default Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Hi everyone,

    Crossing my fingers that the sale of my current place in the city doesn't collapse at the deadline tomorrow (like the previous offer) and I'm not carrying 2 places at the end of the month when we move in.

    We got a great R2000 place on 80 acres that is about 1/3 treed. It is newly fenced and cross-fenced, set up for horses with a crappy horse stall and obviously lots of pasture. There is a large shed (when can I call it a quonset - is that a Canadian thing?) but there is no barn. On the downside we are getting all the water treatment redone, at 30-ish years the well may be near the end of its life (sand has moved in 14ft of 50 so I'm wondering if the steel casing has coroded), the driveway is so long (all I see is potential snow to move), there's a fairly large hatchery across the road (could catch a whiff a few times), and I've got to get used to 3 or 4 km of gravel road to get to the highway.

    We're moving in -- now what? I'm a city boy with about a 1-year stint on an acreage when I was in grade 2.

    I'm thinking tractor -- this is fun researching -- I'm just trying to swallow how much tractor I need and how much it's going to touch that 50-ish acres? I'm having a tough time thinking through how much pasture management would be required for a couple of horses with this much land. What do you do with 80 acres? We're only 12km from the city so that's a big plus. A horse will be moving in with us and possibly more and I'd like to be pushing a snowblower. Maybe a high HP 2nd-tier brand (no offence to anybody) tractor with a mid-PTO so I can attach a front-mount blower? I have to check out the local dealers but we do have anything from the majors through Mahindra, Kioti, LS, etc. I can steal cash coming from the sale of my place and just absorb it through the mortgage. Just getting used to paying more for a tractor than our 2 vehicles combined. I like to figure things out but I've never really touched mechanical stuff so I'm not really sure about the used market.

    Any other things to think of? I spotted a coyote when we looked at the place -- a nice reminder to pick up a gun license. Thanks for the help and ideas everyone. I should be probably posting in the tractor section -- I think that's my next move. Maybe I should talk to the neighbors before I make a big purchase. I'm really excited -- I think my agrarian DNA and roots are starting to bust out.

    Here's the new place:
    Just got my 80 acres -- now what?-acreage-png

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Welcome aboard So many questions narrow it down your needs down a little and we may be able to help.

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Considering how you went big on the land purchase I'd say follow through and go big on the machine. The sensible thing is to determine what your tasks will be and size the tractor accordingly but that logic doesn't apply because you simply don't know what your tasks will be. As a new land owner you'll be dreaming up new ideas left and right and may find yourself under powered. Using that basis then it's quite clear you need a LARGE machine to meet current Ideas and all potential future ideas. Like yourself, we picked up 82 acres, and went out and bought a Mahindra 8560. No regrets there. One thing to consider with a smaller machine vs larger machine...yes the smaller machine can do the job but how long will it take. 1 of many examples: If you want to waste hours cutting grass with a 5ft brush hog vs a 15ft be it. You also mention you've "never really touched mechanical stuff " so local dealer is key as well as good warranty. If you need anymore help on deciding what rediculously large machine you should buy I'd be glad to help..I'm great at helping buddies spend money. Oh..and welcome to the board!!

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    Welcome to the forum GentleM, and congrats on the land purchase. Best advise that I can give is to dispel any preconceived ideas of what you think you need and instead to talk to lots of local folk, friends and neighbors to get ideas about what might be right and the best decisions for YOU. Good advice already offered about nurturing a relationship with a local dealer.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Welcome to TBN-join the fun
    You need to think this thing through very carefully so you don't make bad purchase decisions.
    Start by identifying ALL the jobs you have to do.
    Some of those jobs will be best done by a large tractor. Some by a small tractor. Some by other machinery (e.g. construction type equipment) that you can rent or hire the work done.
    Then determine the type and size of implements you'll need for your new tractor(s) to do the jobs you've identified.
    Then figure out the size tractor you'll need (hp, 3pt hitch category (1 or 2), type of tranny, etc).
    Then go tractor shopping.
    Since you're a newby, I'd stay with local dealers (100 mile radius) who can give you the service and parts when you need these things. Unless you know something about tractors and can turn a wrench, I'd stay away from pre-owned tractors. Pre-owned implements are another story and you probably will be shopping for these before long.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    deffinately time for a tractor or 2.

    for that size land, and some trees.. you might want a big and a small one. small one to maneuver.. and large for brute tasks. I'd get a loader on 1 of them....

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Congratulations on the purchase, life will get "busy" for you now!

    I wouldn't get in a big hurry on a tractor purchase if you don't have to, You know you will need one, if for anything ,the conveniences they provide. I think if I where in your shoes, I would be looking in the 50hp size with FEL and 4x4, since you likely will be moving snow and be in mud in the Spring thaw months. This size will also get you into enough horsepower if you decide to use a hay baler and a few other attachments that need that extra "ummmph" . If you have time to shop around, you will be able to compare deals, new or used. You may also have the option there to rent a tractor for small jobs to see if it's the size you need, or at least you will get a feel for what you need, sometimes renting is cheaper than paying off 20k-40k for just a "hobby farm".

    I guess a good start would be for you and the wife, to make a list of "projects" and what, where and to what level your willing to utilize your land, then base your tractor needs on that list. If your just going to have a few horses and intend on feeding small squares you purchase at the feed store, then you could get by with a pickup,( don't forget the "shovel" for cleaning stalls!)

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Welcome and congrats on the land.

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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    Back on the old 160 AC ranch we had 2 tractors. A large MM with loader for pulling the bailer and a smaller JD for raking, plowing, and disking. Think that you will end up there. Tractors can last 40 plus years, so looking for a used one, is not a bad Idea. My small tractor is now 31 years old, and still running strong, and have made no repairs since I bought it. But you still have to figure out what you are going to do with all that land outside of just a few horses.

    If you can get a couple of cuttings of hay, that will cut down on your feed bill for them and maybe sell some hay on the side. Or maybe other crops to generate some cash.

    Also learn to become a wrench turner, and carpenter, as those skills will last a lifetime. and save you a ton of cash over the years.
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    Default Re: Just got my 80 acres -- now what?

    There is already been some good advice given. This is a good place for it. A wealth of information on TBN. Since you are new to acerage and tractors,here is some advice from me. Dont get discouraged,things on a farm or acerage dont always go your way.As someone already said,learn to do as much as you can on your own. Equpment and repairs are costly,so take care of them.Find a reputable dealer,if you buy new and used from one, to me service after the sale is more important than brand to a point. I hope you have good neighbours,thay can be a big help or a pain.But most of all,enjoy your land and have fun with it. Oh yeah congrats on the purchase. LUTT

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