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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    Our plasma s 7 years old and a Zeinith. It had the Motherboard fry at 6 mo old and it was replaced, no issues since. Picture and viewing angle is a little better than our LCD also less blur with sports and fast moving things. I do get some ghost images if the image was stationary for a while, but only when the screen is dark after like in between commercials ect. Never had one stay for over a few minutes and never had one interfere with a picture on the TV. They all have a moving screen saver now that detects a stationary screen and comes on, our TV and our cable box has one

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    We have a 50" plasma, a 65" LED, a 42" LCD, and several 32" LCDs. We also have a 52" LCD that took a power surge that I'm in the process of rebuilding. The 65" LED has the best picture followed closely by the 52" that I'm rebuilding after a power surge. Everything else is pretty equal but by far worse than the 2 high ends with the best picture. Of the 10-12 flat panels we'be had, I'd say the plasma has the worst picture and coloring. The amount of heat it generates is a bunch more than the other TVs. For us, in the basement, it isn't a problem, but it could be if you are in a room with marginal cooling.
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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    Plasma will go the route of the eight track cassette.LCD/LED 's are physicaly lighter ,burn less power and have very good pictures.Also prices continue to fall,the 42" LCD we purchased for $1,000 is now about $550. We own five total.

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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    I have a 19 Inch no name LCD in one of the kids room, Nothing speical but works fine.

    I have a 2007 60 In Samsung DLP, I use for Movie Nights once in a while and for my PS3 I love this tv great picture.

    I Have a 2009 Model 50 In Samsung Plasma TV in living room above fire place, This is our main movie TV and I also have the kids Wii hooked to it, this tv works great it is a bit heavy and does give off some heat but it has been Perfect, and it has a wonderful picture. There is some burn in if the kids leave the wii on and walk away but it goes away as soon as you play something else or use the wipe feature built into the TV.

    I also have a 2011 Model 32 In Samsung LCD this is in my Room and Prob see's the most hours since I usally watch tv before bed it is a nice TV and works well with a good picture.

    We don't watch a lot of TV in out home, but I do like a good Picture, We have Panny Blu Ray players hooked up to every TV and they all are 1180 P Sets. If I had to chosse one it would be the Plasma. When I bought the Samsungs they were all top of the line in there class at the time.
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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    Have you noticed most of the posts are suggesting plasma?
    The OP asked about plasmas and if they were acceptable, no slamming of other types was mentioned in any of the posts.
    Anyway, when our NEC 32 inch tube TV died several years ago, based on Consumer Reports and other reputable information,
    we purchased a 42 inch Panasonic plasma. It is an "enhanced definition" TV, not an HD TV. HD's were much more expensive
    at the time, and viewing them side by side in several stores, there did not seem to be much difference. At that time, plasmas
    had better blacks and better skin tones and of course the quick action was not a problem which the other technologies had
    some problems with. Larger sizes were also better as plasmas. Today, all the technologies are very close in picture quality, if
    there is any difference at all. Our Panasonic plasma is still going strong, but do some more research and pick what fits you the
    best. The only item I would suggest is that you seriously look at purchasing external speakers. The internal ones as pretty lousy
    on most sets. Be sure there is a headphone jack or some type of external jack to hook up speakers to. Other than that, you
    should be happy with most sets out there. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    I own a LCD. Works well for me. Buddy at work own Plasma, has a better picture overall in my opinion. I'd probably buy another LCD anyway.

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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    I have a 42" Panasonic Viera plasma and two 42" LG LCD's. The Panasonic and one of the LG's are both less than a year old. The Plasma is definitely the best TV for anything 'live', especially sport. I also find the skin tones better on the Plasma. If money is not a problem a top quality Plasma is the best choice as your main TV in my opinion - unless you are sitting a long way from the screen.

    One other thing to consider is the 'on screen display', also known as the 'program guide' or EPG. The LG is the best I've seen, followed closely by the Panasonic. The Samsung is also OK I think. Some EPG's only display the range of programs that are on 'now'. Thats a real pain!


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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    Quote Originally Posted by troutsqueezer View Post
    This is my take:

    Plasma owners, this is a general slam in your direction. Feel free to rebut if you must, I know how much you love your plasmas.

    Have you noticed most of the posts are suggesting plasma? I do believe there is a reason for that and it is not because plasma is "better" (all things considered, I don't think it is) but rather I get the feeling plasma owners are a lot like Apple computer owners (this includes my own brother). They paid a little more for their unit (read "materialistic" here) and this generally leads to a certain amount of bragging, usually to deaf ears as most people aren't that nit-picky on the super-fine details. Folks who bought the LCD TV's probably are less inclined to "keep up with the Smiths" or do them one better. A lot like PC owners. We just want to get the computing job at hand done so we can move on to the bigger picture, we don't have hang-ups about Apple vs. PC.

    I have a top-of-the-line Sony LCD and no matter what anyone says, it is a mighty fine picture.

    That is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. So here's my advice: Save your money, buy an LCD, then spend the money you saved on a tooth bar for your tractor.
    I think you are the Apple owner here......OP asked about Plasma's I own a 37" LG lcd and 42" Sony lcd but he never asked about lcd's ...Did he
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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    Our main viewing is now plasma. The picture quality sold me in the store. I did not ask what type display it was until after the SO and I agreed it was the best quality we had seen.

    I have got them all in the house now, but the plasma is the best picture. Don't know what excessive heat is? It seems like a normal electronic device to us.

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    Default Re: Plasma TV's? Good, bad or ugly?

    I have found that the source material is usually the limiting factor. Old TV shows can be really bad. Pick the one you personally like and buy it. I would go with LCD because I am an energy saving fanatic.
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