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    Default Good Deer Camp Gag?

    Every year I come up with a new gag for our deer camp.

    Two years ago I planted some chocolate covered raisens along one of the deer trails and made a mock-scrape nearby. I brought my grandson and his dad past the planted chocolate covererd show him what fresh "deer poop" looks like. I picked up a few "pellets"....smelled it to make sure it was "fresh sign" then rolled 'em in my fingers before tasting the "pellets" to confirm it was indeed "fresh deer sign". I thought he was gonna die! Fun stuff.

    Last year I told my grandson several times before season: "dont shoot any antelope" in our deer woods here in Minnesota. So it became kinda a standing joke before opening day. On opener....when first light came in his stand.....he finally saw what I had warned him about. I had an antetlope sillouette decoy about 100 yards thru the woods from his stand staring back at him. Good humor.

    So.....looking for a good deer camp gag for this year. Suggestions?
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    Default Re: Good Deer Camp Gag?

    Have you put an alarm clock in his blind and set it to go off after an hour of daylight?

    We put tacks on the hunting seats the night before. Since most people have many layers on, they seem not to start bothering people for about an hour.

    Air horn alarm in the camp?
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    Default Re: Good Deer Camp Gag?

    Electronic "call" that does multiple animals. Set it up nearby - behind the stand, and have some fun.
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    Default Re: Good Deer Camp Gag?

    kpark if you have a remote on it that would be great. I remember a guy had cut through another guys boot laces so when he pulled tight on them they ripped. Another guy put eye black on a guys grunt call.

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    Default Re: Good Deer Camp Gag?

    took my girlfriend (now my wife) to deer camp. As a devout tree hugger/pacivist/animal lover/vegetarian type, she reluctantly agreed to go to spend the night camping. I bought fancy food and a bottle of wine to impress her. When we arrived, my buddies had killed a buck that day, and knowing she was coming, hung his "privates" from the tent pole. She was not too impressed, but they had a great laugh!! Needless to say, she doesn't go with me anymore to camp! That's ok too, I have more fun with my buddies anyway!!

    I also like to make giant scrapes and monster rubs on trees right by my friends stands. I love to hear them brag about the great sign they are hunting near!

    The chocolate raisin gag is a classic! I am going to have to use that one.

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    Default Re: Good Deer Camp Gag?

    not a gag but a good joke, few ole boys went hunting at camp set up late and started drinking a bunch of bud bragging about what they were going to get the next opening day. In the morning they awoke & they split up at their stands one got himself a nice buck pretty early. He got it cleaned out & started dragging it back. He looked down in the holler where is buddy was at & saw him pants down setting on a log trying to go. He wasn't moving & pretty much passed back out after the night of Budweiser and brats asleep on the log. Seeing this his buddy got an idea and went back grabbed all those innards he had cleaned out. He snuck up real quite like and laid em all on the back side of the log and snuck back out.
    He called in the other hunters all in to watch then shot off his gun once which startled the drunk awake. The drunk rolled off and fell back into the innards and let out a heck of a scream! seeing this all the guy rolling around laughing headed back to camp. a bit later he comes stumbling up hollering up a storm help me help me he was saying, they all ran out and looked he was holding half the innards and said help I done (*^%(*& out my innards and can only get half of em back in!

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