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    Default Re: Selling a house to be moved.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackrat View Post
    I placed the add on CL this morning and my mail box is blowing up!! Now I don't know who to give the go ahead to. I guess the first offer I received for taking them all. Several just wanted some. Either way I think I can get rid of them fast.
    I would go with the one who will take them all and can get there first...

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    Default Re: Selling a house to be moved.

    Around here the way to keep from having high taxes is agricultural use.

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    Default Re: Selling a house to be moved.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackrat View Post
    Good Morning all. Just thought I would give an update. The house should be gone by next weekend.... The moving company that another guy contacted about it called me Thursday and came out Friday to look at it. He decided that they want it. They have a lot of land that the store houses on and restore them the sale them. Unfortunately I am getting 0 for the house which kinda stinks but all the upside that $2k property tax bill for a second home will be gone! They are taking all the brick off and leaving that mess for me! They did say they would pile them up were ever I wanted. I guess that is something.Wade
    If it had been me, I wouldn't give the house away with them taking the brick. If they want the house, then it means there is value to it. Keep the 5 acre deed intact to market when property sales pick up. Have it appraised. Even though you are paying taxes, the price will eventually go back up and make a nice profit for your kids education.

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