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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFarm View Post

    Real tree or fake .... a fake one takes more plastic and metal materials to make but gets reused; a real one means a CO2 absorbing tree is killed and disposed of when it could have grown up to be a nice table or bed. To stop the needles on a real tree making a mess spray it liberally with lacquer. or clear wood sealant.

    Actually as that tree's cut down another is planted in it's place. Unless you cut it from the wild, and around here at least that just opens up space for another to grow into.

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    WE go with a live tree. The local nursery sells 4ft trees and with the root ball it is about 6ft tall. I find a farmer that uses suppliment that comes in 20 gal buckets and get an empty from him. After Christmas we plant the tree with a family get-together. After 15 years we have a well shaded long driveway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MossflowerWoods View Post

    This year I bought a small Colorado Spruce from Lowes, it is in a 5 gallon pot and we will plant him in the yard after Christmas. It is a cute little bugger, I'll take a pic later and share it.
    I have an artificial tree. It always looks good no matter how you stand it up. We are down from a 7' really nice one to a 4' one for an end table and am happy with it. Buy them once and no more scrounging for just the right tree at an affordable cost.

    I was at my BIL's in Georgia a few years ago for Christmas, He had a real tree in a pot and it was nice. After Christmas we went to plant it in the front yard and I was the shovel man. The first poke with the shovel I cut through his water line from the street. Try fixing an odd sized plastic pipe when all the stores are closed. But the concept was good.
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    This year's tree was delivered courtesy of hurricane Sandy.
    A 40' blue spruce that I planted 30 years ago was wrenched out of the ground and fell not 6' from the house. I cut about 9' off the top, put it in a bucket of water in the barn, and now it stands in the family room, looking great!
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