I have a 20x40 pole barn that we use for a garage. It has a dirt/gravel floor. I am looking at ways to stabilize that floor to control the dirt/dust/etc. problems. One "quick and dirty" solution that I am using is a piece of "astroturf" indoor/outdoor carpet under the tractor.

I know, I know -- the best solution is concrete -- much too expensive, so I need something inexpensive (aka cheep).

One solution that I have been considering is dirtcrete (portland cement mixed into the dirt/gravel, compressed, and watered in place). And, I recently found reference to "TF Sealant" -- a liquid that is sprayed on the leveled dirt to do essentially the same thing.

Two questions:
(1) Will this work in upstate NY with the frost heaves? Every year, our popup camper has sunk into the garage floor to its axles due to softening of the dirt floor by frost.
(2) Anyone with experience with dirtcrete -- of the portland cement, TF Sealant, or alternatives? Is it worth the work to do this?

Thanks in advance.