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    Default Re: Firewood Market

    Too bad you don't live closer to me, I'd be happy to help you out with that problem. Then again if you lived here, you'd need it all yourself.

    I just go prices from 2 different suppliers for logs delivered to my yard. One was $162, the other $107 per chord. Both fresh cut mixed hardwood.

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    Default Re: Firewood Market

    Quote Originally Posted by DKCDKC View Post
    I get most of my firewood on shares from others cutting on my land. I usually stick to cutting down and up dead trees near roads or buildings, or those that block things. However, with the warmer winters recently, I have lots of wood I can't burn. Called the Salvation Army and Social Services to see if I could donate a few truck loads - me hauling. No takers. The wind storm last summer seems to have brought so much wood down that firewood is just too abundant. And I have 18 inch stovewood already split.

    Hopefully somebody will want some soon... It won't keep forever. And I have a dozen big fallen oaks to cut up, more than I will need for next year.
    Good to know it is just not an only in California thing where some can't even give wood away...

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