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    Default Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    I would like to have a large tank like this , 250 gallon tank, to store drinking water in the event of a prolonged power failure or who knows what else...We have a drilled well and I have a PTO generator but if it was a real calamity I would eventually run out of diesel I was thinking it would be nice to have this tank for extra water storage...I have posted the craigs list ad below...Question is ...what if poison or weed killers or some other noxious chemical was once stored in the tank...? Would bleach be enough to clean out any remaining toxins ?

    Second question....I have a 55 gallon plastic barrel I currently use to store my diesel fuel...does this look like it would be alright to use as diesel storage as well....? These type tanks are new to me...anyone have any knowledge of them...?

    MUST GO!***250 Gallon Water Tank in Metal Cage***

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    You should be able to find a food-grade one. I posted a wanted ad for a food-grade one and got a response in a few hours. It has glucose in it. Some bleach and water will take any smells out of it.

    As for storing diesel in one as long as it is clean and the previous stuff in it won't react with the fuel it should be good.

    They seem to be very robust. I can stand on top of just the plastic on my tank and it doesn't even bend.

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    Default Re: Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    "Food Grade" per: Mike R - is the way to go. I see them often on Craigs List. Question - Do you plan to fill only in times of emergency or keep it full continuously? I ask because you describe it as a source of "drinking water" and water stored as a static reserve will eventually be unsafe for consumption unless treated.
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    Default Re: Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    Diesel will store for a long time. Biggest factor is moisture, which can lead to fungal growth. Minimize openings and use an additive to inhibit any organic growth in the fuel. You still need to have a "breather" for thermal expansion/contraction. If you spend some money you can get a desiccant breather. This has a desiccant to absorb moisture in the air that flows into the tank.


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    Default Re: Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    There is a chemical plant in Arkadelphia that you can get those for free. They are washed clean with no smells evident. I got one that I was going to use to water my trees but ended up giving it to my garbage collector. They would make excellent diesel storage tanks. They have a shut off valve on them already. Just elevate it and build a platform for the fuel delivery guy to step up on and you would be almost in business, Just need to by hoses to fit with a fuel nozzle. Check some of the plants around you. The one I got mine from gave me the MSDS sheet also for what came in it.
    As stated, water would grow bacteria in it if stored over a very short period of time if not highly chlorinated. You could treat it yourself with common bleach. Google it for proper ratio in PPM for effective treatment and still be safe to drink. It might work for Hurricane preparedness. JUST fill it just before the hurricane hits and it would keep for a few days without treatment as long as it was dry and clean before hand. Even bottled water if it is not carbonated has a "use before" date on it that most folks don't notice.
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    Default Re: Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    The water may not be drinkable after long-term storage but it works great for flushing the toilets

    Also, could just boil it to drink it right

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    Default Re: Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    If you have a gen set, I don't see the need to store water, just pump it out of your well. A lot of people around here are converting from oil to small heat pumps, and If you go to your local site you might be able to get a 275 gallon diesel tank with diesel for free. I got one of the tanks with 125 diesel for free.
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