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    Yeah, that sob has already gotten under the old farm house and dug in. Im going to try that Aquila subsonic round. I want to get a clean kill and not have it die and rot under the house.

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    Default Re: dispatching a large groundhog.

    Better to go with an ammo that you know and from a distance that you have practiced with so it's a clean shot. He may be a lowly woodchuck intent on damaging property but he still deserves a humane single-shot and not struggling to die for five days under the shed. And from an odor stanpoint, you do not want to smell a decomposing woodchuck as the warm weather of summer approaches.

    Woodchucks and I have an understanding...stay where you belong and everything is groovy. Get off the reservation and we have a problem and you lose every time. You would be surprised how well that works after the first confrontation.

    May I be the kind of person my dogs think I am,

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    Default Re: dispatching a large groundhog.

    I've shot about a dozen of them with my 223 over the last 15 years. The 223 does't always anchor them right away, it depends on where you hit them. It took me two shots on one of them, and another one got away, although the blood trail let me think it was going to die later. They are tough little buggers. They also have great eye sight, so you have to hide to shoot them.

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