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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    My post dissipated, but in short look at the burglar bomb system and then get a few good game camera. my website
    Is where I also have spoons listed.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    Thanks for all the idea ls guys. I am talking the non violent route but i do have my guns ready if i catch him on the property, I would happily hold him there untill the cops arrive. As for the situation the cops could only get him on possession of stolen property so it's a slap on the wrist. Today I talked to the officer and he has the kid on a bunch of charges, arrested him last night and he's still in jail with 3500 bail set. The officer will tell me about the other offenses once they are processed.

    For security I have 2 game cams setup, and a motion alarm with a very loud alarm. Monday the local phone provider will drop a line there for Internet service and I am going to install an ip cam that I can monitor at work, etc. I am worried he is going to get out when bail is paid and be on a stealing rampage to pay back his bail.

    Anyone have a ip webcam suggestion, there are a ton out there and I don't know what to buy?

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