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    Default Dealing with a thief?

    Monday I had a few sets of alloy wheels stolen from outside my parents garage as well as a riding mower. Today the garage was broken into, and a dirt bike was stolen as well as the door smashed.

    Here is a little history
    I am 24 years old and basically share the garage with my farther as i live right near by. We built the place and and its a 30'x50' crammed full of tools, toys, and materials. The driveway is 1000ft long with the house at the far end and the barn by the road. I spoke with my farther monday night and he said a bunch of stuff was stolen from the yard, alloy wheels, tires, lawnmower, etc. The stuff was all outside under a lean-to addition. He was looking around after that and noticed some tractor tire tracks that wernt ours and we know of only one other person near by who has a tractor. We have never met any of these people before but my farther knew it was there tractor so he drove up there driveway to have a word with them. There was a early 20's kid in the yard who came over to him. My farther asked him if he had been on our property with his tractor and he said he was lost earlier. The he tells him that "you have alot of scrap metal over in the woods and if you would like it gone i can do that" my farther said we are fine and left under good terms, knowing that it was the kid who stole all the stuff. We called the cops and the kid in questions has been stealing all over the town, but mostly scrap metal. We filled a report and he said he would try and look for the stuff. I was not too worried because it was not worth a ton, maybe 800 for everything.

    Today he breaks the glass in the entrance door to the barn and steals a dirtbike and it appears just that. We as well as the officer thought he would be scared off by the fact we knew who he was and filed a report, but no he wanted more. My parents found the damage before I was able to check on the garage and the cop was there and filled another report. Being 24 and living in poland, me for many years I know plenty of people. I called a few buddies and before I knew it I found out who he sold it to. The kid was nice enough to give it back for the 100 bucks he supposedly paid for it. Kid said he bought it thinking it was a 93 when it was an 03 that is why its so cheap.

    Now I need a way to deal with this properly, both the kid and garage security.

    For dealing with the kid, should i let this just play out, or should I have a talk with him. I am not a violent person and have no desire to fight with him. He only lives 1/4 mile from the garage. I have a friend who he stole from as well and he would would like to "beat him up" with my help but that is not how I solve problems. There are too many stupid kids out on the streets carrying guns that I dont want to get shot over some theft. The police have testimony from the kid he sold it too but I am not sure what sorta good that will do in the courts?

    As for garage security I have installed a very loud alarm with motion sensor indoors and two trail cams setup outside for now. I am going to have dsl brought to the garage so I can setup some live video feeds to watch at work. Any opinions?

    I am worried he is going to steal more stuff now that he has seen the inside of the garage. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    I would like to think a gate would help, how well is the outdoor lighting? Have you talked to the kids parents, err is 20 really a kid? Sounds like you are doing things in an orderly fashion.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    Not recommeding you do this but.....
    Many decades ago my dad had a shed, 10 x 10, in his backyard behind which there was a path. he lost track how many times the lock was busted (hasp and padlock) and small, annoying stuff of no major value was stolen.
    After the last break in, he glued a couple of razor blades to the underside of the hasp so they stuck out 1/4" or so, you couldn't really see them unless you knew they were there. He went ouside a couple of days later to a coulpe of small puddles of blood on the ground at the front of the shed, the breakins stopped for quite awhile.
    Yes, it's probably illegal but......I'd do the same thing only i'd have a camera there to film it, I've got no use for theives......Mike

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    At this point the "kid" has had adequate warning. I would let the courts sort it out.

    Do you have an "actual value" of the motorcycle?

    Here is a summary of Maine's Laws

    A theft of $1000+ would be a class C felony, and could land him with up to 5 years in prison, and $5000 in fines, although perhaps it would be better to push for a plea deal of a few months + probation + a hefty fine.

    Did the police dust for prints? Both the garage, and the recovered motorcycle? Other hard evidence?

    I suppose I would be a little squeamish about the idea of locking someone up for a half a decade, but both he, and his parents have to be told that the offence is serious. It would likely depend somewhat on previous prosecuted cases.

    That being said, you still have to live next to them.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    First - if this suspect is taken care of will there be more?

    If probably not then a couple of real video cameras and a bunch of look alike dummy cams, a motion sensor, and some LOUD alarms pointed at his house. Also plenty of signs stating in REAL simple terms you will be photographed and the pictures sent directly to the police.

    If you expect the problem may not go away when he does the only sure solution is the BBD security system - Big Black Dog.
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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    The most important thing you have to do is Pray for him...he obviously has some issues that are beyond your control.
    Like they have said, let the courts handle it. Buy yourself some security cameras and/or install an alarm on the barn and that should be enough for the courts to handle it for you.
    What is important is for you to have peace of mind..

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    If various reports have been filed and he sold the bike to someone and that person will testify why has he not been arrested?????

    You may want to have a stake out and put something out you know he wants to take and video tape it all and go to the police. We had some guys stealing scrap and other small things a few years ago. We knew who it was. Put some stuff out and all it took was 2 vacation days before my wife videotaped them backing in and starting to load it on their truck. I met them when they were 1/2 through with my rifle in my hand and a shot in the air. One took off and one hit the deck, police were called and that was that and it was all on tape.

    Big thing was it was all small stuff and mostly scrap. If they would have asked I would have gave it to them.

    I have 2 120 pound rotties now and when anyone asks if they bite I say yes. I make sure I parade them around a let folks know I have them. They look and sound awful mean, but are complete babies. 5 years ago there was a rash of thefts in the town and these folks came into the houses and trashed them. Our garage was hit, but they did not enter our house. When they were finally caught cops asked them why they did not enter our house as it was the only one they didn't. They said they came to the door and the dogs met them.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    There is a farm not far from me that has signs that reads...Trespassers will be shot on sight. survivors will be shot again.
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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    I would work through the police and not confront the "kid". Confrontations can lead to violence and violence might make "you" wind up in jail or worse. If this kid is a one man crime wave, his days of freedom are probably numbered anyhow.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a thief?

    Yeah, I would say you aren't dealing with the brightest bulb there LOL.

    As said, the recovery of the dirt bike should be ample for the police to work with. But, we know how this goes, a slap on the wrist and they are back to their old habits in short order.

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