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    Default Re: Kids with Cel Phones

    My 20 year old grand daughter is a slave to her cell phone. I think that if the choice between breathing and answering a text message, she would text till just before passing out, or maybe pass out first. I have had a cell phone since 1990 and don't send text messages, don't call up every Tom, Dick and Harry every hour to update my daily lifestyle like some folks. Most of the time now since I retired, it is turned off and on the kitchen counter. I try to remember it when I go out and turn it on so if the wife wants me to pick up something, I can. I also try to keep it with me when wife and I go shopping so I can find her (she can disappear faster than a bon bon around a fat girl). Now the wife, she is on her phone all day long talking with each of the kids, grand kids and friends. I would say at least 5 hours per day. Between cell phone (unlimited minutes) and Skype she talks to friends from Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Canada and U. K. at least weekly. It seems everyone we know is either LINKEDIN or Facebook members (wife does Facebook, I only have the LinkedIn account) I guess that is OK to keep up with everything with the kids, much better than not knowing anything about them. Grandkids will call every few days to just chat with Grandma and every now and then ask about Grandpa.
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    Default Re: Kids with Cel Phones

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Fowler View Post
    (she can disappear faster than a bon bon around a fat girl)
    THAT was funny. Going to have to use that myself.


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    Default Re: Kids with Cel Phones

    Speaking of fun games. My daughter found an app/game that is a video game where you milk a cow and earn points for each squirt in the bucket time with a clock.
    You slide your finger down the screen to milk each teat. My first and only response was that there are 12 cows down the road that are all hand milked
    and I am sure the farmer would really appreciate the help any time of year and there is a historic museum farm 20 minutes away that offers the opportunity to do the same thing.

    She was not amused! I laughed thinking only a country girl would find an app like the one she did...

    Up here it is the law - all bicyclist regardless of age require a helmet! Period!
    Work hard to get it down - play like tomorrow may end!

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