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    Default Overseeding grass or pasture options.

    My turf grass is thin and my yard has quite a slope to it. I don't want to till the whole thing under and start again because of erosion concerns. Same with the pasture areas. I would like to plant Kentucky 31 in the yard and "pasture mix" from TSC in the pasture area. Should I rent or hire an overseeder? Or, can I scratch up the areas lightly with a landscape rake, broadcast the seed, then roll? My ground is rock hard clay.

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    Default Re: Overseeding grass or pasture options.

    I rented a small drill and overseeded that way, worked good for K31. If it is real rocky, may not work.

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    Default Re: Overseeding grass or pasture options.

    I have done a number of slopes but in late summer. Well, maybe two in the spring. There are two options with a slit seeder being the best, especially in the spring. I have also had great results, especially in the fall, if just discing up the area during those final days of August when the grass is short and ground bone dry. I use a small disc that has cutouts on both front and back and don't get too aggressive about it. Then i use a Brillion seeder to put the new seed down and press things back together. I do this just before a rain if I can. Then, most of the residual grass comes up with the rain and cooler temps along with the new seeded grass.

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    Default Re: Overseeding grass or pasture options.

    A pull behind plugger that pulls up a plug of sod or dirt about four inches works well allows seed to work into ground and grow. Am not a fan of ky31 depending on region prefer thin bladed fescue that doesn't clump as bad. Ag university's can recommend grass seed blends for your area. In our area southern lawn extreme works very well and is on Va Tech approved list. A lot of our yard is seeded in this

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