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    Quote Originally Posted by M E Race View Post
    If you were to actually read the second ammendment you would learn that the founding fathers intent was to allow the people to protect themselves from the government becoming a dictatorship. The fastest way to control a population is to dissarm it.

    "Those that beat their guns into plows will surely plow for those that didnt"

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    Default Re: Gun Control: This speaks for itself

    Quote Originally Posted by brin View Post
    Sorry...I cannot make sense of what you posted....???? The only thing I can do is guess what the insults you were hurling were....I guess you imply I hang around a ghetto....I will be glad to answer that...No I do not I live in a large brick home on acreage in a rather exclusive area just a short drive from the busiest airport in the world and the hub of the South of the Greatest country on earth....I do not shop in Dodge City...but in very nice stores...I am prepared to defend myself though....just in case one of the Quebec criminals finds his way into my piece of paradise and tries to shoot me or my family member.

    I tried hard but I don't think my response was quite as silly and inane as your post.
    Well said Bob!
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Gun Control: This speaks for itself

    Quote Originally Posted by k0ua View Post
    Well said Bob!
    Thank you James....I do try to be nice...really I do...sometimes it is just so hard...

    WORRYING does not take away tomorrow's TROUBLES, it takes away today's PEACE.

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    Default Re: Gun Control: This speaks for itself

    Quote Originally Posted by IslandTractor View Post
    The NRA has consistently fought against funding of well designed studies with solid methodology. We do those studies for motor vehicle safety, food safety, drug safety, why not for firearm safety??? We learn about how to minimize risk through careful prospective trials rather than someones best guess. Would you rather drugs were put on the market without being able to identify and quantify risks and make that information available to those using the product?
    Other than what you hear on MSNBC, can you show anybody any proof of where the NRA has blocked research on coming to an effective solution on the gun problem? No reply necessary since I already know the answer.

    And you insist on ignoring our burned-out industrial cities that drive the stats. It's a statistical gimic (keep redefining the sample population until you get to the answer you want).

    "Well-funded studies" have lost their credibility on too many issues. Science has too often yielded to social agendas and few people believe the studies anymore (I don't).

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