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    Quote Originally Posted by SPIKER View Post
    Just go buy a bag of DEER CORN, it will grow just as well and is no different other than contains some cracked seed. (just over seed it to make up for non viable seed.)

    Otherwise ya might look at local equity or a neighbor farmer for a small donation to his beer fund.

    A bag of deer corn or feed corn of any kind other than seed corn is hybrid corn. Meaning it is sterile. Although it will come up and make an "ear" it will not have any kernals on the ear.

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    Default Re: Field Corn - What Happened???

    Quote Originally Posted by teejk View Post
    Forget about the feed. Let's talk about raising ducks! I ordered duck in a restaurant a few weeks ago and became a fan (it was better than a great meal). Looking at the local supermarkets, I see frozen ducks price out at $4/lb!!!
    make sure you order the milking ducks that way you can sell the milk and then eat the duck win win

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    Default Re: Field Corn - What Happened???

    You can look for "flint" corn. I believe it an open-pollinated corn which will come true to seed.

    Here is an example: (17.5 cents per seed is a bit much , but the pic is nice)
    Corn Organic Garland Flint Corn Seeds by thegardenstudio on Etsy

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    Default Re: Field Corn - What Happened???

    Quote Originally Posted by sam5570 View Post
    make sure you order the milking ducks that way you can sell the milk and then eat the duck win win
    Ok...I'll play the set-up guy. How do you milk a duck?

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    Default Re: Field Corn - What Happened???

    Quote Originally Posted by Timm250 View Post
    Go to the local feed store & buy a 50lb bag of regular feed corn. Plant what you need & feed the the rest to the animals. I have planted this for food plots & it works just fine.
    It has been some years for me, but the field corn we bought was all treated with poison to kill the crows that would land and dig it up after planting. Don't feed that to your ducks!

    Feed corn should be just fine- not cracked corn!
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    Default Re: Field Corn - What Happened???

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Caldwell View Post
    Not feed corn, seed corn, to reduce disease in the seedlings and to kill rodents who eat it. Almost all seed corn is treated with poisons.
    Except Timm250 didn't say SEED corn, he said FEED corn and Stimw said in reply to Timm250
    "You have to be careful that it wasn't treated with anything to help it germinate!" to which I asked "Why would feed corn be treated with anything to enhance germination?"

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    This so messed up, why can't corn just be corn....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckmotor View Post

    That sounds like an excellent idea. Unless, the corn police come out and decide you've planted round up ready corn.
    And that is why Monsanto is pure evil.

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