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    Default Re: Old Continental/GE Generator History?

    The only thing I can contribute is if you lose one can on a 3 phase transformer the remaining two can only be trusted for about 51 or 52% of the rated power. Now a question, although you call this a generator isn't it really an alternator?

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    Default Re: Old Continental/GE Generator History?

    Slamfire, I think you're absolutely correct on both counts. With a 12-wire 3-phase generator re-wired for single phase, though, you're still using all the poles, just not as efficiently as you would be if it were "generating" 3-phase power.

    As for the alternator terminology vs. generator, I'm pretty sure you're technically correct. I only call it a generator because that's what GE called it on the data plate... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Old Continental/GE Generator History?

    Interesting story ...
    I have an old GE genny similar to yours and have not been able to find any
    info on it. Here's the specs ...
    model 5sj4365y2y1
    type sj frame 365us 21kva
    18.8kw pf 9 rpm 1800 200/230v 1phase 60 cycle flamp 91.3
    field v exc. 47 fld.amp.exc. 4.0
    thats whats on the nameplate
    Three wires coming out for load
    And three more small wires coming out I assume
    for field or regulation
    Where did you find your regulator?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Old Continental/GE Generator History?

    Did you ever find anymore information on your generator? I have a smaller version(15kv) using the same make and series of generator. However mine uses a Hercules D-198 diesel. Mine is currently configured as three phase either Y of Delta. I have been trying to locate information on how to wire it for low zig zag or double delta. Mine still has the original RegOhm voltage regulator and it works fine. There are NOS RegOhm Voltage regulators available on Ebay pretty cheap. I picked up two new in the box for $50.00 as backup. A friend who is a generator engineer for CAT said they would work even though they look different and the label says for a different size generator. The two I picked up are for a 125kv generator. I also discovered the manufactur still makes these voltage regulators, according to their web page. Anyway, any info you may have found on the GE generator would be greatly appreciated.


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