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    Default Help with pumps and remote tanks....

    OK I know nothing about pumps except they "suck" on one end and "blow"on the other.. And some are designed more to suck then to blow and vice versa... So I guess that more or less I understand what they are and how they work...Then there is self priming and those that can't run dry etc.... But sizing them forget it....

    As folks know (or maybe not) I'm getting into maple syrup production.. I have 30 acres of sugar bush.. We made the decision partially because of the stupidity of or provincial government among other things not to built a new sugar shack... We are going to use our existing barn (32X24) 2 floors concrete floor and 100 amp service....

    So now our issue becomes tank placement and getting the sap to the barn... Our remote tanks will be 500 to 1500 feet away from the barn... The land is fairly flat maybe 15' from the high to the low and then I have to go from ground 18' to the top of the holding tank. My biggest problem is that there is no power in the bush so putting a pump at the tank is difficult (unless I go solar) or put a generator at each tank or feel like hauling a gasoline powered pump from tank to tank....Ideally I'd like to have a monster suction pump at the main tank.... But it might be too much...

    Someone out there probably knows what I'm trying to do and can give me some advice or ideas... Just remember 2 things the pump needs to be "food approved" and the less handling the better...

    and while I'm showing off my lack of knowledge... My evaporator only has a single walled chimney (actually even the new ones do) since I have to add 8 feet to it to clear the roof by 5 feet should I be changing to double wall chimney what about the steam stack?

    PS the crap with the provincial government... They have apparently deemed maple syrup production as industrial so when I went to the local municipal folks for a building permit they said "before I could build I'd also have to rezone"... Lucky for me I'd had 4 acres rezoned for something else that hasn't taken off yet and my barn is in that area....

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    Default Re: Help with pumps and remote tanks....


    not sure if I can help much or not. lot of production around here on that though.

    the remote collection tank/tanks more than likely can not be SUCKED as the sap is pretty thick (not as much as syrup of corse but thick none the less) also the size of the transfer tube/lines will come into play. what I would suggest is a solar setup. also using roller type pumps which do not contact the liquit but transfer it using rollers that push the sap. most of these are low volume medium pressure. also low consumption of power. if you are running lines, perhaps run some electric too? otherwise the DC solar and battery is way to go.

    as for the flue, longer distance MAY require the doubble wall due to cooling concerns and same goes for the condensate problme... though not really my areas of expertise..

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