Looking for advice on how to make patio steps.

Scenario: French doors open to back patio which has been graded and is (without measuring) say 3 feet to the ground.

My anticipation (looking at currently available materials) is to lay some 8x16 blocks on the ground to make the base, or what will become the first step (from the grounds perspective). Make a rectangle maybe 6 feet wide by maybe 3 1/2 feet deep (just wild guesses again, without measuring). Concrete these together, lay another course on top of these that will be the second step. After I make maybe 3 layers, take some more concrete and pour into the web openings for strength & rigidity.

Once this skeleton is made, I can then use concrete and "glue" some flagstone, which will match the patio, onto the sides & top of blocks finishing it off.

Will this work?
Should I first pour a concrete base for the block to rest on or is the ground (clay) sufficient?