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    Default Ice Storm in SW MO, NE OK

    I was out of town all weekend on business, and my wife was home alone without power from Friday evening on. My return flight Sunday night was cancelled, since our airport was closed, and Delta had me rebooked for Wednesday! I paid an extra hundred dollars, and got as far as St. Louis, then rented a car and drove home. I got home 2am Monday, stoked the fire and crawled under a mountain of covers. I woke to what looked like a war zone. Dozens of the trees on our ten acres have snapped off. Limbs are everywhere. There's hardly any ice on the roads or driveways, but the trees have an inch or better on them.

    I decided to solve the power issue, so I took the laptop into town and had to go to three different places that have WiFi before I found one that actually had a connection to the internet. I started surfing around looking for a PTO generator and found a guy that was bringing a trailer load of them to Chouteau, OK, about 150 miles away from me. He was going to get there around 6 that evening, so we drove down to meet him and bought a 15Kw Tiger Power PTO generator and loaded it in the back of the Jeep and headed home. It was around 10pm when we got back. We stoked the fire, brushed our teeth with bottled water, washed our faces with a half cup of water that we heated up in the tea kettle (thank goodness for our propane stove), and went to bed. About 15 minutes later, all the lights in the house, the TV, and all the faucets came on at once. We woke to the lights and noise, stared at each other and started laughing like fools. Boy, that new generator sure works well!

    Guess I better get it out of the back of the Jeep and put it in the barn until the next storm.
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    Default Re: Ice Storm in SW MO, NE OK

    The law is, if you have a generator, the odds of needing diminish with how new it is.

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    Default Re: Ice Storm in SW MO, NE OK

    I'm in Warrenton and we got a lot of ice too. Still on the trees and wires. 25 or fewer miles East into St. Charles County, the ice is all gone. Maybe they just didn't get as much. But I jhave a friend in Central St. Louis County and he lost several trees.

    I have a permenatly installed generator fueled by propane, but we never lost power at all. So far anyway. Cuiver River Electric Coop does a fine job!

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