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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    For those whom have bought a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor they might want to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Alert # 06-567 in regard to tractor seat belt alert.

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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    This affects 3x20 and 4x20 series tractors.
    Note that this was issued in 2006 and owners were to be notified (by Deere). That doesn't mean an owner had the repair made though. It wouldn't hurt to check with your dealer if you have tractor within the range of serial numbers listed in the table below. ADDED, the table didn't paste as expected. Use the table on the linked page instead

    Here's a link to the alert:
    Deere & Co. Recall Compact Utility Tractors for Seat Belt Bracket Failure Hazard

    This is the text:
    July 25, 2006
    Alert #06-567
    Deere & Co. Recall Compact Utility Tractors for Seat Belt Bracket Failure Hazard

    The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.
    Name of Product: John Deere 3000 Twenty Series and 4000 Twenty Series Open Station Compact Utility Tractors
    Units: About 2,800
    Manufacturer: Deere & Co., of Moline, Ill.
    Hazard: The seat bracket to which the seat belt is attached could have been positioned incorrectly during the manufacturing process resulting in a poor weld. In a tractor roll over, the weight of the operator could cause the bracket to break off of the seat's pivot plate.
    Incidents/Injuries: None reported
    Description: These vehicles are small agricultural tractors that are green with yellow seats and wheels. The following model and serial numbers can be found on the serial number plate on the tractor's frame:
    ModelSerial Numbers3120LV3120H210126 through 2105523320LV3320E138296 & 245001 through 245250
    LV3320F139038 & 250001 through 250015
    LV3320H230163 through 231295
    LV3320P240043 through 2401993520LV3520E270019 through 270240
    LV3520F275002 through 275029
    LV3520H258079 & 258205 through 258988
    LV3520P266001 through 2661693720LV3720E290014 through 290325
    LV3720H280020 through 2806694120LV4120H310005 through 310220
    LV4120P317068 through 3174354320LV4320E338001 through 338011
    LV4320F339002 through 339008
    LV4320H320037 through 320562
    LV4320P330037 through 3302864520LV4520E358001 through 358223
    LV4520F360006 through 360052
    LV4520H250391 & 340043 through 340385
    LV4520P255680 & 347024 through 3473344720LV4720H370053 through 370771
    Sold at: Authorized John Deere dealers nationwide from October 2005 through March 2006 for between $17,000 and $28,300.
    Manufactured In: United States
    Remedy: The company is directly notifying those consumers who purchased an affected tractor. Consumers should contact a John Deere dealer for a free repair.
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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    Quote Originally Posted by MossRoad View Post
    Here is a link to the tractor rollover demo pictures and videos that we keep talking about in many forums here on TBN. There are five pages of information there, many pictures and videos. Please read them all, look at the pictures and watch the videos. I'll make this a sticky post for now so that it stays at the top of the Safety Forum for a while.

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    our valtra n111e wants to rollover side ways at times . are they all the same ?

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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    After my Navy Seabee tour of duty I managed to parley an equipment operator's job at Ft. Carson, Colorado. Some of my job was dragging a 4' mower through meadows and fields to knock down the high grasses and chaparral that threatened wild fires on the post. The Summer help training for the job was minimal. The ground conditions were usually rugged and heat of the Summer was no friend.

    The second Summer I was there we had 2 serious accidents due to rolling the equipment. One was a big top heavy Ford and the other a Deere. Both near fatalities would have been avoided had there been some introduction to safety.

    One of the accidents was a new guy mowing a field and getting too close to a shallow ditch that he slipped into. It must have happened pretty quick and the operator fell from his seat. Somebody said the power of the tractor continued to spin its wheels and pulled the guys legs through the spinning wheel. He lost a leg at the knee.

    The same Summer a new guy using the big blue Ford took a "cross country" short cut over hilly terrain that resulted in the tractor turning turtle. The short cut was full of scrub brush and small trees and his roll over pinned him under the beast. Quitting time came and went and the guy was considered just late to return, but by dark there were helicopters and search efforts all over the suspected area. The problem was the tractor was near hidden in the brush with the underside facing up. The kid did manage to dig out his pinned leg and crawl about a couple hundred yards to a dirt road by morning, but it was too late for his leg to be saved.
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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    a Kirovets K-700a rolled over: it did not have the external rollcage mounted around the cab. Simply rolled head down into the ditch while turning at the headland whilst ploughing by night.

    WARNING: it may contain some shocking images (not very graphic but seeing it DO make you realise what happens in case of a rollover !)
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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    Reading thru this thread hits home in a few areas. I have spent meny years on my ol mans mf 135... no ROPS no seat belt one rear tire wide one narrowed as the right rear in thw wide setting interfeared with the sickle mower. Got my JD 3005 a few months ago have the tires out to max and it's still way skinny. Always got my seat belt on.
    What I wouldn't give for a 4x4 version of the MF135... wide and low with front wheel drive too.
    Add to all this that my mother in law was killed in a suv rollover about 2 weeks ago because she wasn't wearing her seat belt got thrown out and crushed. Slow speed on a gravel road... steep bank... once the wheels were over the edge there was no coming back. My wife and I had to clean out the vehicle before the insureance co took it. No major crush damage to driver area... if seat belt had been worn she would still be here. Might have gotten minor injurys but walked away.

    Be safe out there... on your tractors... atvs... cars... trucks... everything. Pay attention and THINK about what yer doin.
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    Default Re: Tractor Rollover Demo Pictures and Videos

    Recently tipped over my JD790... was wearing the seat belt and only got a scratch on my head. took me between 30 and 45 minutes to collect myself, go get my truck and upright the tractor. I sure wish I had read the threads about waiting 2 days before trying to crank it, but I tried to immediately.... big mistake. Turns out I bent a rod. Well, I can't undo that now, but I'm thinking about using spacers to widen the rear wheels. Any opinions on would that do any good? As far as adding stability that is... I know it wouldn't help my bad decision.

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