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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    I really appreciate all the good advice. Always good to stay within one's personal comfort level and the capabilities of the equipment, assuming one really knows the latter. And yes, I will seriously consider loading the tires.
    This is a 2wd light tractor with a ROPS, it is what it is. Perhaps if I add a fabric sunshade to the top it will help protect me? Just kidding...

    I spent most of my life in different parts of the insurance business, including owning a small agency in my home town for many years, the only one in a once semi-rural area. And for a good bit of that time I was a first out responder with the volunteer fire company, which was a block from our office. My partner would drive one day and I would be on the back step (when it was allowed back then) and the next time I'd drive. And we would see the results of people getting in some pretty bad situations, like what I mentioned in the beginning of this post about this wonderful boy who died with a Farmall steering wheel in his chest.
    This stuff can happen so fast....

    Yes, I am nervous on slopes, but I hope safely nervous. When I was a going through fire training, I had to climb a three story building ladder with full gear on, swing over on to the roof, and keep climbing up. I hate heights, don't like to fly, etc, etc. You could have heard my knees knock a mile away that day, and every part of me was off the pucker chart. Yet it never bothered me entering a burning house, with flaming stuff falling on my head, pitch black, looking for the tell tale glow of the fire origin while crawling on one's knees. Didn't bother me a bit. But get me up high on a ladder, or in this case, heeled way over on a slope, well, this is just not my comfort area. So I work around it, and will use my other mower.

    And I will try NOT to turn at the top of the hill, good advice here.
    Think twice, mow once. And once I "learn" the hill, this will be just a memory. Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    Measure the width W of the rear wheels (to the outside of the tire) and the height H of the axle centerline. The squat ratio W/H should be greater than 3.5 for stability on slopes. My 1964 MF135 diesel is a field tractor modified to squat low for use in an olive orchard and has a squat ratio of 4.15.

    Safe mowing on slopes-mf135-stump1-1-jpgSafe mowing on slopes-mf135-stump2-jpg

    The normal rear wheels (28-36" dia) have been replaced by 16" dia rims carrying Goodrich 18.4-16A rubber (18" wide, 16" rim, 40" high overall) and the front axle spindles have been shortened to keep the tractor level. The front and rears are filled with water (no need for antifreeze around here since winter temps rarely fall below 32F).

    My place is 10 acres of flat pasture so I haven't bothered to add a ROPS to the 135 (they're available aftermarket). If I had your situation, I'd consider a full roll cage like those on pulling tractors (unlimited category).


    Cheaper than a trip to the ER. Better safe than sorry.

    Good luck and be careful out there.

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    This is my ride. The machine is way stronger and more flexible than a ventrac.

    [ame=]Power Trac PT1850 Slope Mower - YouTube[/ame]
    Power-Trac 1850, grapple, hoe, 90" mower, 72" box blade

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes


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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    I am an engineer and am reviewing the design of a flod control levee where there is minimum room forothe levee. The proposed slope is 2:1 and I am not sure if a slope that steep can be mowed safely. I would appreciate your thoughs particularly if you have ever tried to mow a slope that steep.

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    It's not the slope so much as the unit being used to do the mowing. There are companies that market mowers specifically for steep slopes such as Kut Kwick and Power Trac. woodlandfarms' Power Trac PT1850 Slope Mower will work on a slope up to 45 degrees...a 1:1 slope! (Nice unit btw, woodlandfarms.) There's also European mowers out there that are pretty neat too, like this remote control unit. Quatrak met klepelmaaier - YouTube

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    At the plant where I used to work we had one of these. SuperSlopeMaster: Commercial Steep Slope Mowers

    It was not cheap, but it was reliable and truly amazing to watch it go cross slope.

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    Default Re: Safe mowing on slopes

    If I remember my math from many years ago a slope of 2:1 is 26.5 degrees. The smaller tractors we are generally talking about here are tested on a static tilt table to 20 degrees. I often see right of way mowers doing more than that. I think your on the edge for a normal tractor and mower. I know some of the highway mowing tractors are modified to have a wider stance and weighted for better stability. You might check with your DOT mowing department and see what they say. There is defiantly specialty equipment that could do it.


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