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    Default logging accident/death close to home

    this accident happened only 1/2 mile from my home, i had noticed the equipment
    going into this property, and then friday 3 sherriff's vehicles were there when i
    went home for lunch. I read the article later that nite. from what i could see,
    it looked like an older non ROPS tractor, but that's speculation on my part.
    condolences to the family.

    here's an excerpt from the article:

    "An investigation revealed that Stevens, along with three other people, was logging
    on private property with permission when he attempted to pull down an 82 foot
    tree with a chain attached to a tractor. When pulled, authorities say the tree fell on
    top of the tractor Stevens was operating. "

    Man killed in logging accident - NewsChannel 9 WSYR
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    Default Re: logging accident/death close to home

    That is indeed tragic and my prayers go out to his good friends and family. ROPS or no, a direct hit from an 82 foot tree is probably going to be pretty ugly. Without knowing the particulars, I'll speculate that this was a situation where using a rope (wire, dynema, polyester, ...) and a snatchblock, as opposed to a chain, can get the puller out of the path of the pullee by redirecting the line of action.
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    Default Re: logging accident/death close to home

    Very tragic indeed, and a good reminder of the dangers of logging.

    It would be interesting to know if he was trying to pull down a vertical tree or pulling the butt of a cut tree hung up in others. I've had a couple of cases where a large tree toppled in the correct line but snagged on the upper branches of a nearby tree. If one attaches a line on the butt of the cut tree and just pulls, it can snag on the stump, root or ground. Continued pulling can stand the tree back up, and over, in the direction you're pulling. One must pull slowly and make sure the butt keeps sliding along the ground.

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    Default Re: logging accident/death close to home

    I offer my condolences to the entire Family and Friends.
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