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    Default Wearing rings

    I don't know how many people wear a ring now days but I got the second warning about 2 weeks ago to quit wearing my wedding ring.The first time was probably close to 20 years ago ,I got it caught using a dill without a vise the iron caught and spun wrapping me up until I stalled the drill .The other day I climbed up to look in a stack of steel pans maybe 7-8 feet high when I went to climb down my ring caught and I got four stiches to close the cut ,a little more of a lesson than the first time .I know there will be a few saying I should have had a vise and I should have used a ladder but sometimes it is quicker to simply react than stop and recognize every posible hazard .The last time was at work not at home ,a ladder was near and there is a safty talk every Thur. morning .My point is if you wear rings seriously consider removing them for anything more physical than drinking beer ,you can't predict when they are apt to get caught.

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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    My Dad tore the )(*&)(*& out of his finger jumping out of a truck coming from a German 88 during the last months of the war in Italy. Being an electrician, I never wore rings or metal watch bands back when I used to work for a living. Still don't .... [ I have an invisible nose ring that my wife installed back in the 70's though ... ]
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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    Yep had a few close calls, with a ring, haven't worn one for decades. I worked on and near batteries in telephony for years, and gave up rings long ago.

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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    I never wore rings before I got married (for safety reasons) and gave up wearing my wedding ring a few years after being married (again, for safety reasons). When I was in Navy "A" school, there was a pickled finger exhibited as a safety thing. Guy had jumped off a helo, ring got caught on some type of fastener and was yanked off. That's been 40 years ago and I never forgot.
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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    Excellent advice. I have never worn rings when working. When I joined the RCN in the mid 60's we were instructed to never wear rings when working around any type of machinery. When I joined my first ship the divisional Chief stated that when the pipe "Single up and secure" was made we should stow any rings (wedding rings included) in our lockers. Some of the wives did not understand, but it saved a great number of fingers.

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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    I don't wear rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets or anything. I do wear a hat and carry a cell phone.
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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    Funny all the military refrences....while I was in they redisgned the LMTV rear grab handle because some guy lost a finger dismounting one. Even though I always wore gloves while overseas, I still did nt wear a ring....still don't too, can't stand jewelry!

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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    Quote Originally Posted by Whatswrong View Post
    My point is if you wear rings seriously consider removing them for anything more physical than drinking beer ,you can't predict when they are apt to get caught.
    That's exactly when you're going to get caught - removing your ring while drinking beer.
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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    When I remarried last year I explained the reasons to my wife about why I didn't want to wear a ring. Safety really was the main reason. I'm in the seamless gutter business and am always up and down on ladders and lifts and didn't want to get hung up on anything. Fortunately, she's very understanding and went along with me and never pressed the issue about me even buying one to wear when not working.
    We forgot to tell the town judge about this before the ceremony. When he discovered in mid ceremony that I wouldn't be wearing a ring, he looked at my wife and said, "and you're OK with that?" That gave the crowd a pretty big chuckle.
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    Default Re: Wearing rings

    I call it a Navy thing... never wore a ring, watch or anything around my neck... dog tags laced into flight deck boots. Too this day, I refuse to wear a neck tie or any jewery. When I got married, didn't have a wedding band. Like RoyJackson, I've seen too many bad things, people slidding down ladders, jumping from aircraft, etc. Too many bad things can happen... not worth the risk.

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