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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Fowler View Post
    You are right if motor breaks down, not much to do other than get out the jackhammer and chip out the concrete from the drum (I have seen that happening at a batch plant and they also have to occasionally chip off the vanes in the drum or it doesn't mix correctly when they are loaded up with hardened concrete) A flat tire on the road is enough delay for the concrete to set and if it is very hot weather the 100 gallons of water that they carry wont stop the concrete from hardening but 10 pounds of sugar will stop it indefinitely if you can mix it in.
    I had delays far worse than a flat tire happen, and never had concrete set up in the barrel. On big jobs, we'd often have to wait an hour+ to offload, because there was a line of trucks, and it was never a problem. There were times it was even longer than that...2-3 hours wasn't unheard of. The key is to turn the barrel slowly (fast builds up friction/heat), and to give it a little shot of water periodically. If they knew there was going to be a long delay, they'd add a chemical to slow the process, but it was expensive, and they used it as little as possible.

    I don't recall seeing tanks as small as 100gal, but I guess it's possible. The smallest I recall were 150gal, and that was the exception....most of the trucks I drove had 250gal tanks. We used to mix to about a 3" slump before leaving the yard, so adding even 100gal would make it pretty soupy (varies with the exact concrete mix, of course), and enough to keep it setting up for quite some time.

    The fins would always get some buildup, over time, but it was usually lower in the barrel, and depended on how careful the driver was. I was always picky about it, but with some drivers they'd have to do a little jackhammer work maybe once a year to knock off a few chunks here and there. The same thing would happen with the outside of the barrel. Lazy drivers would have concrete dust hardened all over the outside of the barrel, and good drivers wouldn't....go figure!

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    Default Re: Help, what happened

    Quote Originally Posted by J_J View Post
    Help, can anyone see me.
    So, what's the story? Photoshopped?

    Help, what happened-bh-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xfaxman View Post
    So, what's the story? Photoshopped?

    Help, what happened-bh-jpg
    That picture has been on TBN before. For the life of me I can't recall when but at that time one of the people who commented on the thread knew the story.
    God Bless our brave men, bring them home, safe again.

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