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    Default Re: Fatal tractor accident while removing snow

    Quote Originally Posted by indianaEPH View Post
    I was plowing a few years ago with my tractor. The day before was relativly warm. About 8" of snow fell and it now was very cold. As I plowed the snow from a driveway that was sloped I had good traction and the tractor easily moved the snow. Some minutes later I made a second pass and now the pavement started to freeze and I found myself sliding sideways down the driveway. I was sure I was going to roll as I hit the edge of the drive way at the bottom but the tractor slid around and I went over the edge moving forward and not sideways.

    The conditions changed so fast. Most of us know to wear the seatbelt for the unexpected, not the expected condtions

    The accident report did not mention either seatbelt or ROPS. Maybe neither was available?
    Similar thing happened to me this past Saturday morning helping a neighbor with a steep asphalt driveway. As soon as I got it down to pavement the residual moisture froze and it became black ice due to the 20 degree temperature. That was the first time I wished for chains on the rear tires as that would have prevented the tractor from sliding. Otherwise my turf tires work very well moving snow.
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    Default Re: Fatal tractor accident while removing snow

    Packed snow = ICE . You add any grade to the equation you will have issues .

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    Default Re: Fatal tractor accident while removing snow

    Quote Originally Posted by RickB View Post
    A couple cheap driveway delineators would have saved the guy's life.
    ditto that ... I have driveway with steep banks on sides. Put out orange fiberglass stakes every November before snow season to mark the dangerous spots. All it takes is one moment of inattention and that's it!

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    Default Re: Fatal tractor accident while removing snow

    So sorry to hear of a death. Heart goes out to his Family and friends. don-ohio (:^(

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    Default Re: Fatal tractor accident while removing snow

    Tractors should be equipped with chains for winter use.

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